My Cows are all ded

Hey Sheriff or whoever

The names Henry Tannen I a local land owner here in Briarpass about an hour or two south of Briarpass Village. I have a bit of a problem and I heard from some of my tenant farmers that you are often willin to help. I keep a few herds of cows about a 100 heads, and a couple flocks of sheep. Well I should say I kept... last night this terrible tornado like buzz of a beehive fell across my manor home and woke up all the farmers in our village compound. In the morning, all the cows were gone, eaten to the hooves, same for the sheep. Everything was just gone. the grass was gone, the crop ravaged. its like a tornado swept through the village.

I've applied to Regent Rockfist for Aid and he's responded with food and a bit of coin to get by until I can navigate the mountains of paperwork through my insurance in Arbor. I was just wondering If maybe it would be too much to ask some of you to check this out.

Master Tanen


I believe i know the problem you speak of, I have heard the buzzing myself as of late. I will try my best to be in town on the next market day to assist in these matters. If anything, I will see if my friends can't help out a little.


Chicago Staff
Master Tanen - If Silverhilt will allow it, I will help him in this investigation. We are living in dangerous times, I fear this swarm is the harbinger for something much greater. Please, tell me, were any cattle spared from this onslaught or did they all succumb?

Dramthin Hartsboon
Simple Keeper of the Tainted Grove


Chicago Staff
Mr. Tannan,

I also will accompanee Kalin an Dramtin, to help out... I ave bad feeling about all dat buzzing... too.


Public Relations Committee
Sounds like Brood to me. Dram should still have the purify potions and I have some extra armor. If anyone NEEDS armor please, please let me know so I can bring it next market day. I will bring my healing we need to track the movements of the swarm. If anyone else has seen the swarm let us know, I know that Dram and Calin are excellent trackers. This problem needs to be put to rest, we have waited far to long.

Liddia FallingStar