My event thoughts


Simply put the event was great. In the past four years I've found that it tends to slow down on Saturday and I end up with a lot of tags on Sunday but this time I almost used all my abilities. Thanks to everyone who made it a success.
I gotta agree with Matt... this event got started a little late for us, being that we couldnt show up on time, but as soon as we got in-game we had fun stuff to do the whole time and it didn't end until bedtime late on Sunday.

Thanks to Tom A for all the logistical work that went behing this event, and to the plot team for a an awesome event write up and for comming up with a deep setting that I foresee a number of really fun plotlines being run in. The plot team did a great job keeping up the energy level, and making sure all the PCs were having fun. All the NPCs were great and especially the newer NPCs, Im sorry I didn't get all of your names but you all did an awesome job, keeping it going all weekend and did a great job learning the system quickly and fighting very well and safely.

Overall this was a really fun event, a good plot (Im always partial to undead), a long circle sit at 6am, and some great RP from both PCs and NPCs alike.

Some favorites:

The RP with Vim around the void was really fun
The spider/bear cave. You guys gave you guys everything we had and you gave right back.
The Stormlord/Mummy mod
Micth's "here's your choices" mod.
Silverstring and Ironhouse! :)
Caster swinging 10s!

But the best for me was the late night bandit mod run with Josh, Amy, Steph, and Tom.... that was a very cool mod and left me with something to look forward too for the next event.


The time I had at this event could be summed up in one word:


THANKS to everyone who made this event a huge success!! Can't wait till July!

AKA - Durk


I completely agree with John. This was the best event I have had in a long time! I am super excited for the next event and the rest of the season!

Big thank yous to Tom, Amy, Nancy, Mitch, Josh, and all of the awesome NPC's that made this event unforgettable. Your tireless crunching, awesome roleplay, and innovative ideas left me with my head spinning and by back aching. Also, mad props to all of the new players, NPC and PC alike. It is refreshing to to see so many new faces and to share our excitement for the game with you as we ALL continue to learn and grow with the game!

aka- Noni


Good time,great taste and less filling.

Thank you to all the npcs for your hard work.

Thank you plot team for well writen plot.

Thank you to my wife for her great food.

Thanks to all that came out and help make this a better game.