My insurance company sucks, SALE!


Since my insurance company is cheap,( Im about 2 seconds away from heading down to my Agent and Spin kicking his lungs out of his chest cavity) And the recent storm took its toll... I have some repairs i need to do on my house, that i will have to fund myself, before next snowfall.

Until further notice, Alls purchases from of $100 or more will be given a 20% discount. Simply send me a list of what you want, I'll create an invoice and send you the discounted bill.

Thanks. also we have Pauldrons, and Hard Leather pouches available also now.



I own a kidney belt, a couple pouches, and one of their head pieces. They're all extremely awesome.

I highly recommend these guys.



Thanks for the support everyone that placed an order, it will help out a lot!

This Sale will end on NOV. 28th. So if your on the fence, you have until the 28th!

Deposits on orders are welcome, if you cant pay for the entire order by the 28th as well, i'll honor the 20% off with a Deposit.


PICTURES OF Waist Cinchers, New Warlord Bracers, and Pauldrons have been added to main page on the site.