my very first costume: critique & advice?

Discussion in 'Art, Costuming and Props' started by Aspen, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. Aspen

    Aspen Newbie


    What do you think? I'm going for a Selunari look (the makeup isn't there, I know.) The dark gold portions have some shimmer but I hope that won't be too out of place.
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  2. Nikorisu

    Nikorisu Newbie

    I’m digging it. My biggest suggestion is more pouches and/or bags. You can always use more ways to carry things. Other than that, it’s lookong really good :)
  3. Josh Voorheez

    Josh Voorheez Newbie

    You look awesome! I would echo the more bags/pouches comment. Also be careful if there is glass in your lantern.

    But you'e costume is great!
  4. markusdark

    markusdark Knight

    I"m actually digging the glasses. Are they prescription, readers or just glass/plastic? Great job
  5. Alkalin3

    Alkalin3 Fighter South Michigan Staff Marshal

    That's a great first costume.

    The gold will not look out of place for Selunari. They're typically pretty vibrant. So the more shimmer the better.

    Those boots look like great starter larp boots too. They look in period enough but, are probably pretty comfortable. That's important since you'll be on your feet a lot.
  6. Inaryn

    Inaryn Knight San Francisco Staff Marshal

    Definitely a good costume. You can never have enough pouches... I sometimes carry a pouch of pouches, just to have an extra pouch when I need one.
  7. Krystina F

    Krystina F Newbie Oregon Staff

    I agree with everyone above!! Excellent beginnings! You'll fit in like a champ.

    POUCHES like whoa. Seriously, you'll end up carrying so much crap on you that you won't believe it. So maybe a belt pouch or two in addition to the bag you have. And honestly, don't be afraid to layer over your garments. It gets cold at night during the games, so long vests, jackets, hoods etc are going to be great additions. And the Selunari are totally a fun loving vibrant culture, so the gold is definitely not a problem. Heck you can probably add more bling (tassels or coin chains or trims to it) and it won't be out of place. BUT that it all up to your comfort level.

    And yes, the glass in the lantern (if it's glass) would be problematic on the field, but if it's just in the tavern or in a cabin it should be fine depending on the chapter you're playing in... (If it's Oregon - and I've spoken to you like I think I have - you will be fine as long as it's out of combat).
  8. Aspen

    Aspen Newbie

    Thank you everyone for your encouraging replies! I will make sure to keep the lantern out of combat because it is indeed glass. I will also procure more pouches.

    They are readers I found at Good Will (along with every other item in this costume, including the boots, with the exception of the hat which I sewed together from an old bed-sheet.) Handy, because I actually do need them in order to read.
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  9. AceiLyn Brown

    AceiLyn Brown Newbie

    I love this! I'll echo some people above and say more pouches or at least a big bag of some sort. My first event I came with one tiny purse and it was a pain. I now have a backpack and a string of various pouches along 2 belts that I wear. If you'd like, definitely add more jewelry and accessories. Selunari like shiny things so that sort of stuff never hurts. I personally have a heck ton of scarves to chose from and wear. They provide a little flair and are also nice and warm. It snowed at the last Utah event and my scarf acted as a nice little hood when I walked around outside. A stylish cape or cloak will give you something for warmth. Not sure what chapter you're a part of but its better to be overprepaired than have frostbite. I personally even wear a layer or two of warm under cloathes for games I know might get cold. I don't know what sort of character you're playing but if you want to fight in any capacity consider some armor. Some advice I was given once is that you should never let the monster get to your body if you can help it. Its much easier to repair armor than have everyone expend their healing on you if they can help it.

    Just some advice but overall this seems like a lovely character and costume. You can always build off this later so this is definitely a good start.
  10. Muir

    Muir Fighter

    Yeah, at this point I have the fantasy equivalent of a police officer's duty belt on when I play Nikolai. Pouches and weapons and light and potions and all the assorted minutiae of adventuring.
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