My wife is dead.


I've slept for so long. I've dreamed worlds. I've dreamed heroes. Sadly, like my own reality all stories have ended in tragedy. In the end, I awake alone to this same fact. A beep... she takes me to my wife's home. She's not there. I learn of her death at the hands of the adventurers of Hope's Reach. My children are dead as well. My only lasting contribution to this world will be my stories. I am coming to Hopes Reach to share them with you and maybe hear some of your own.
-Markus The Story Teller


Minnesota Staff
I am so sorry for your pain. I don't know the event you're speaking of but I would appreciate 'earing any tales you 'ave to tell. I'm sure many would feel the same way. We try to do what is best and what is right but sometimes it ain't enough. The end arrives and with it events we never saw comin'.

I will be at tavern. You are welcome to shelter there, sit a spell, and share a drink in memory of those who 'ave crossed the veil. Your stories are welcome.

-Miss Alyce Sharp