National Event Hooks/Teasers!

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Hey everyone! I hope you’re staying happy and healthy!

Have you been eagerly awaiting information on where in-game the 2020 National Event will be taking place and what kind of things you might expect to be doing there? If so, you’re in luck! Be sure to check out this in-game thread about A Story for the Ages and get excited for what’s in store! Additional responses are sure to generate a bit more information as we lead up to the event, so keep an eye on the thread going forward (or, even better, get involved and post in-game as your character)!

In addition, you’ll probably want to check out these Letters to the Editor, seemingly sent over the last several years, that have been floating across the Mists over the last few weeks if you haven’t seen them already. What could they have to do with all this?

Furthermore, the Plot Team will be including an in-game research opportunity for players to investigate (similar to In-Between Game Actions, Downtimes, or whatever your local chapter refers to them as), granting you a bit of extra information about the setting and situation before the event. More information on that will come sometime in the next few weeks!

See you eventually,