National Powers within the Maelstrom


Powers within the Maelstrom

Below are listed the nations within the Maelstrom and a brief description.

Cloud Empire: The Cloud Empire, often simply referred to as “The Empire” is the largest and most powerful nation within the Maelstrom. The Empire has a long history and has existed, in one form or another, throughout many, many centuries. Imperial territory stretches from the Frostbite mountains in the North, to the Sudenberg Mountains in the south to the Verdant Lands in the West and includes the entirety of Maelstrom Bay. The Empire is the de facto power within the Maelstrom.

The Empire is ruled by an Emperor, currently Ernst Stratos, who relies on his subordinate houses to rule the various portions of the Empire. Its military might is impressive and includes multiple legions of highly trained soldiers and a strong navy. Though this on it’s own is considerable, their use of Gryphons is arguably the biggest military advantage they have. They also have a vast array of resources at their disposal, though many of them are used internally so trade with other powers is somewhat limited. The power and influence of the Empire is ubiquitous within the Maelstrom and their policies influence all other nations, directly or indirectly.

Quyah'scenthaal: Found within the Quyah'scenthaal Forest, this nation of Elves (and more recently Dryads) tends to keep to themselves for the most part. In fact, they had existed for thousands of years before even being discovered by the other powers of the Maelstrom. With the exception of a massive war with the Empire around a thousand years ago, Quyah'scenthaal has kept to themselves and did not insert themselves in the difficulties of other nations. This has changed recently, with Quyah'scenthaal opening up diplomatic relations with the new nations of Newhome and Wyndael rather quickly after they declared their independence. What their intentions are going forward is very much a question that many leaders would like answered. Quyah'scenthaal is currently ruled by Maturarch An’An’dalia Malt’thos who has been in power for almost eighty years and is rumored to be nearly twelve hundred years old.

Kingdom of Newhome: The Hobling nation of Newhome was once one of the Great Houses within the Empire, though around 19 years ago (as of this writing) they seceded from the Empire and immediately opened up diplomatic talks with the Elven nation of Quyah'scenthaal.

Though their military power is still far less less than that of the Empire and Quyah'scenthaal, their economic power is large and growing exponentially. Newhome’s ruler is Queen Proprietor Signa Goldpipe.

Pirate Groups of the Ostenwasser Sea:

There are a number of outlaw clans on the Ostenwasser Sea, all of which engage in piracy on the high seas and participate on raids to the coastal powers. Were they ever to unite they could be a troublesome power but they tend to fight one another as much as anyone else which keeps them from being more than a rare nuisance to the sovereign nations.The pirate groups reside on the four Stormedge Islands on the edge of the Maelstrom. They are:

Stormborn: The Stormborn are insane and violent Oathsworn raiders who live on Storm Island. They regularly attack other ships and pillage and raid the coastal towns of the Empire, Newhome, and Quyah'scenthaal. They are fearless and persistent fighters that claim they have twice survived Imperial attempts to wipe them out. Stormborn are feared amongst all sailors.

Coral Reefer Pirates: This group of pirates from Coral Reef Island is mostly made up of Children of the Storm, Wylderkin, Arieanis, and Humans. While they never shy from a fight, they lack the bloodthirsty tendency of the Stormborn. They have been known to raid the slave pens of the Stormborn and Ralyn Remnant, as well as those of the Empire (back when slavery was still allowed in the Empire.)

Pearl Islanders: Arguably the least bloody of the pirates, this group of mostly Hoblings and Humans focus primarily on theft and kidnapping and then selling or ransoming back the goods and individuals. They are the smallest of the pirate gangs and are known to have their headquarters on Pearl Island, though exactly where has not yet been discovered. They are said to be led by a Hobling named Rondel “The Round” Throttlebottom.

Ralyn Remnant: These humans are, despite their relative poverty, proud and a bit haughty. They claim to be the last remaining vestige of a mighty race of Golden Elves, but they have no memory of that time, and the only thing they have in the way of “proof” is the occasional unearthing of ruins in caves under the island. But something strange has been happening. The generation coming of adult age now has several people who were born with golden eyes...

Keough’s Fate: Not truly pirates, the ship nonetheless is a plague upon the sailors of the Ostenwasser Sea. It is an infamous and feared galleon that sails the seas with a crew of ghoulish undead monsters. They destroy any ship they comes across and slaughter and eat the crew. Those not consumed are made into undead to bolster their ranks. It is said that this ship is all that is left of House Geister from the Empire, others say it predates the Empire and is as much a force of nature as the Maelstrom. No one truly knows of the origin of Keough’s Fate though. All sailors, even the Stormborn, fear this ship and actively avoid it at all costs. Those who have gotten close to the ship and miraculously escaped say that words “Keough’s Fate” is written on the hull, and is presumably the name of the ship.

Kingdom of Orentis: The Orc nation of Orentis is a warrior nation on the western border of the Empire. Although the two countries are not at war there is no love lost between them and the Orcs sometimes raid the western border. The Orcish king always denies responsibility for the attacks, claiming that these are the actions of outlaws and that the armies of Orentis also seek to slay these outlaws. The current king of Orentis is named Zekk, who is easily distinguished by a large birthmark upon his head (which is never acknowledged within his presence.) He is a popular and well respected leader among the people of Orentis.

Western Wildlands: These are lands that are not yet tamed, located West of the Empire and South of the Kingdom of Orentis. The lands directly border the Maelstrom and therefore it is not unusual for mutated monsters or beings to be found here. In addition there are a number of monster tribes found in the Western Wildlands, many of which will periodically attack the neighboring nations. The territory itself is largely unexplored but seems to be mostly made up of dry plains.

Southern Wildlands: The Southern Wildlands are located south of the Empire and between the Quyah'scenthaal Forest and the Sudenberg Mountans. While somewhat similar to the Western Wildlands, the Southern Wildlands are not quite as wild. For one thing the nomadic Azarka people live here, and they often fight with the monster races found there and are capable of civizlied interaction with Quyah'scenthaal and the Empire. Even still, monster leaders will sometimes amass an army and strike, causing a great deal of death and damage before they are eventually stopped. The territory itself is a mixture of lush plains with the occasional copse of woods and most scholars posit that if it weren’t for the monsters (and the Azarka) who call the area home it would make good habitable land for either the Empire or Quyah'scenthaal.