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Mike Ventrella

HQ Staff
Below are the National Race Packets, which are also available on our web page.

Please do not use this as an opportunity to learn "racial secrets" that your character not of that race would not know. These are posted for players who have characters of these races or who are considering making characters of those races.

Each chapter will have its own separate local culture packets. There may even be more than one for each race. (In HQ's Ashbury chapter, for instance, there are different elven packets based on where your elf is from.) The local culture packets are the ones that have the real secrets that those not of that race wouldn't know, so the chapters will not be posting these publicly -- you'll have to ask for them.

Nothing in the local culture packets should contradict anything in these national packets -- we want a dwarf to act like a dwarf no matter where he travels.

These packets all start with an origin story that all in that race know (and most believe). Each race may believe that the origin happened on their continent in their world, but no one really knows for sure.
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