Nationals 2020 Cash Donation Drive!!


The Windy City is super excited to host many of you for the National Event 2020: A Story for the Ages!!

The event being moved to later in the year due to COVID-19 has proven to have some costs and thus we will continue to allow donations until prereg closes on August 15th. Also if donations are sufficient NPC cost will be significantly lowered or reduced. Thanks for supporting the game! See you all on Labor Day!!

Cash Donations

Cash Donations must be made in increments of $5. Cash donations will be awarded Dragon Stamps at a rate of 2 Dragon Stamps per $5 donated.

In addition to Dragon Stamps, the following chapters have agreed to award 2 goblin stamps per $1 donated:
Traverse City

(Please let us know if your chapter is willing to be added to this list!)

Donated $5? Get 2 Dragon Stamps AND 10 Goblin Stamps in the above chapter of your choice!
Donated $100? Get 40 Dragon Stamps AND 200 Goblin Stamps in the above chapter of your choice!
Donated $500? Get 200 Dragon Stamps AND 1000 Goblin Stamps in the above chapter of your choice!

All original prizes have been claimed. However, we will have 5 blankets with the Alliance Chicago Logo available to 5 folks randomly chosen who have donated at the $300 or more tier. Also we have 2 more custom necklaces available for folks who donate $150 or more!!

Paypal to:
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Gandian Ravenscroft

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"What about props, costuming, and other non-cash donations for the National Event? Those are a thing, right?" I hear you ask.

Those are absolutely a thing - just not quite yet!

Separate information regarding "stuff" donations will be posted in the coming months as specific preparations are finalized for the National Event. Keep an eye out for a post about that when the time comes! We will likely have a simple list of items we would like, as well as something like an Amazon wishlist that you can purchase items from directly.

Get hyped for Chicago Nationals, y'all!

National Event 2020 Head of Plot


Do you get goblin stamps from only one of the participating chapters, or all?
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Just out of curiosity about how long after donation will it take to receive the gobbles and DS? And what Info do you need with the paypal to know who the gobbies go to?


If the CMA email is different than the one used for the PayPal please list it in notes. We will submit the dragon stamps on a weekly basis and gobbies will most likely be slightly quicker


How long will the drive be running for?
Plenty of notice will be given when we are closing it. It will run atleast till January. We may even update with some new swag for folks before we close it.
What email should I reach out to if after 2 weeks I haven't received DS or GS from my donation? (I've received GS from one chapter, and just want to make sure the rest of the GS & DS didn't get missed somewhere)


Where can I point folks to see Sam's no doubt beautiful jewelry?


She is working on an Etsy page but do not think it is live atm. I will try to post up a pic or two.


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Here are some pieces and sets that I have made


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  • Dragon Pendant.jpg
    Dragon Pendant.jpg
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In addition the first two donations of each of the below tiers will qualify for a cool prize!
Tier 1 $300 or more: a custom latex weapon or prop made by Gargoyle Forge
Tier 2 $150 or more: 9 x 12 Full Ink or Simple Color Custom Art Work by the awesome Ashe Yates
Tier 3 $75 or more: a custom piece of glass bead jewelry by Sam

I'd be willing to donate a character Bust Portrait Illustration in mixed media on illustration board 11'x14". Examples at


Who should I contact if I donated several months ago and still don't see my DS?

Send me a PM, let me know some details and I will get it sorted out for you.
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Can we get a photo of the blankets please?

Than you,