Naugahyde "Authentic Material"?


¿Does Naugahyde "leather" give the Authentic Material bonus point? Relevant ARB sections below. Thank you.

"1 point: Light Non-Metallic Armor. This level is awarded for simple materials which give a modicum of protection, such as leather,
leather scale, padded cloth, naugahide [sic], suede, doeskin, heavy canvas, and rope." (ARB pg 78)

"Authentic Material: This bonus of 1 point per location may be given for use of authentic material. For example, steel plate (as opposed to alternative material such as plastic, latex, or the like) would garner this bonus, as would metal chain mail (instead of plastic or vinyl) and real leather (instead of latex or plastic). The material does not necessarily need to be historically accurate—for example, stainless steel is acceptable instead of a more historically accurate alloy—but it does need to be a material which is true to the armor type it is representing." (ARB pg 79)


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Gettysburg Staff
I’d say no.
The authentic material bonus specifically calls out “real leather” and Naugahyde is imitation leather.

I do think there’s some very valid arguments to be made for Naugahyde simply being the leather equivalent to stainless steel though.

The above is not an official ARC opinion.
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