Air Raksa

I don't care that we know how to permanently destroy you now... I have no interest in that. I am just going to hurt and humiliate you, like I alway' do. I am going to come and take that little scrap of dignity you have left.

You better hope that they find you; before I do.

Filthy, common mongrel, fight on with your words. Like a coward.

You wish your strength to be mine? It is worth nothing. I will rip out your heart and drop it.

You hope to challenge me? Your weak, craven's blood will not sully my claws.

You desire to die on my blade?

I am not hard to find.


By all means, continue to prattle, غدار . My torch is extinguished, and I hunt you in the darkness which rebels against your mastery.

Can you feel your end approaching? When Santet has finished humiliating you, I will gorge myself on my son's vengeance.


Alliance General Manager
New Hampshire Staff
I will have no more of this. If you wish to taunt enemies of the kingdom of Eire, do so away from my tavern wall.

~ First Knight Vryan