Necromancy and plants

Discussion in 'The Dreamscape' started by Lynx, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Lynx

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    Hello all,

    I am seeking information regarding the out of control garden and the gardener in charge of said garden. I am in pursuit of something quite interesting regarding the combination of necromancy and plants. I do not wish to divulge information yet, but will share what information I have gathered, if any, upon our next large gather once I have returned from the capitol. The information I can share is that of a plant called Jade Ice. This plant is necromantic in a partial nature and may be used by necromancers. I am off to learn all I can from the alchemist guild and earth guild within the capitol. There was also talk of a dryad who had begun to practice necromancy, therefore if anyone has any information on this Dryad it would be of great importance to me. I am investigating not only for the sake of Strayden, but for myself as well. Many of you know I have no memory prior to two and a half years ago when I arrived in the cerriopolis. This plant may have vital importance in unlocking the memories hidden within my dagger. Please inform me if you have any information that me be pertinent.

    Thank you all and good luck in your endeavor's.

    Lynx Paragrue
  2. MaxIrons

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    I would strongly suggest explaining exactly what you plan on doing with this "necromantic plant" before you give the impression that you're delving into necromancy itself. I would also strongly suggest you bring someone who would not hesitate to kill a necromancer with you. This is a dangerous path you're taking, and I do not wish to have to kill someone who is only trying to help.

  3. Lynx

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    I will not be needing to learn about necromancy or use it what so ever. The plant I seek also has curative and mental enhancing properties that are not linked to necromancy. There are 3 parts to this plant and only one is related to necromancy. I believe necromancers may be using this aspect of the plant to aid in the war between the undead and the living. I don't have any proof of this, it's just a thought and I wanted to explore it more. I have no qualms about killing a necromancer, but I would like an opportunity to interrogate them first, or have someone else do it, before their death. The plants ability to enhance mental abilities, such as with Biata, is the main reason I am seeking this plant, again this is not connected with necromancy.

  4. Draven

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    Master Lynx,

    I would advise keeping the Earth Guild informed regarding the developments of your work. Even if you have no personal interest in the necromantic aspects of this plant, I believe that they would have an obligation to keep informed regarding its status.

  5. Lynx

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    As I said, I will be sharing all information when I return to Strayden, I am merely looking for anything that will help in my investigation into this plant. I will happily involve the earth guild and share as much information as possible; especially if it will assist in defeating the undead, or lessening their numbers.
  6. MaxIrons

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    *sighs* I suspected as much Lynx, but I wanted to keep you from being implicated.

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