Need a new bow and arcane armor.


As a result of my capture and execution at the hands of the corrupt, my bow is currently sitting useless in their circle of power. I am now looking for any bows that are available as well as any ritual scrolls that may improve them such as elemental aura, spirit link, and damage aura.

I am also in search of an arcane armor scroll as well.
My Friend-

I am very sorry to hear you were killed and your things stolen, I wish I could have helped you. Maybe I can help with your bow. When do you come to Landfall? I have a bow you can have or one you can borrow. Maybe I can find a scroll for you, I will see.

Please be careful.



I am sad to hear you met the circle again... I am overjoyed that you did not meet your final end. The legion can restock any mundane losses at the hands of these foul beasts.I believe we may still have one of your old sets of armor in the stores. And I am sure that we can discuss trade for ritual scrolls when you return to the Horn. Safe travels my friend.


I would not worry over the bow too much. You have lost it before and we got it back. I am sure that we will again. These corrupt have done more then their share of damage already. We will make them pay and I will see that your bow make it back to you again.

Squire Vanyal



I am honored and overjoyed to be receiving your support. It lessens the burden that I carry on my hurt to know that my life does not go unnoticed.

Roan and Alcandar,

It seems that they were only interested in taking my weapons, the rest of my effects were recovered and returned to me. I believe that I may be engaged in business over here in the valley for quite some time but I hope to make it out to the Golden Horn in around four months time. I would very much appreciate the use of a bow if I have not acquired one by the time I travel the mists. I look forward to seeing you both again and sharing a good drink and good stories.

Good Squire Vanyal,

Much thanks for your support. I look forward to beating these corrupt into submission at your side.

I totaly agree with you. Get in touch with me and we can come up with a plan.