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  1. Kitaruen

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    I know some of you maybe wanting to get your LARP on, and are in need of fresh-air, foam boffers, and fun! The Chicago Season is literally 2 months away so have no fear it is coming!

    But for some of you maybe the need is now! Have no fear in those cases our Sister Chapters have events coming up!

    If a one days suit your palate go visit South Michigan:
    -March 18 1 day Proud Lake
    -April 8 1 day Proud Lake

    If you are more in the mood for a weekend go visit Southern Minnesota:
    -April 21st- April 23rd Weekend Event - "What Dreams May Come"

    Go Check them out- Both Chapters put out a great time!

    Please Note If you have never attended SOMN or SOMI and go to one of these 3 events I will give you a $5 discount at the Chicago May 12th opener --(this does not stack, and does not apply to the season pass)
  2. Gandian Ravenscroft

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    The SoMN April 21st-23rd Weekend Event is a special Guest Plot Team event! This means that a group of non-staff players (including me!) are stepping up to run an event while the ordinary staff gets to step back and PC! More event-specific information can be found here if you're interested:
  3. Darkcrescent

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    Cant wait until May? Then you should probably go to SoMN next weekend!

    Binks will be there, and no longer charges for autographs. What a deal!
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