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I'm new to LARPing, but I've played a lot of ttrpgs in the past, so role playing is nothing new. The handbook says that it suggests one starts as an NPC before trying your hand at being a PC. Is that the best way to get into the swing of things? Did you start as an NPC or a PC? How did that help/hurt your experience LARPing? I'm not worried about getting costumes together and things like that, because I've been collecting costume pieces for a while. But I am worried about understanding all the little ins and outs of an Alliance event.


Hi, Ladeon,
Not really a good answer-er of questions but...Just wanted to say hi and welcome!


Hello Ladeon,

My first event was as a pc but I've been a NPC since then. In my opinion, starting as a NPC is better. You get to play a variety of different characters and it is easier for someone who does not have a collection of costume, weapons, and other props. You also get a group of people who can help you learn the rules when you NPC.

Whichever you chose just ensure you have a fun.



I definately suggest NPCing to get the hang of our rules and combat style. While not complicated, it helps you to learn and get comfortable with the rule system that may not be very familiar to you.
Also, NPCing also gives you access to exp as well as goblin stamps which can be used for buying back previous events for exp towards your PC. Rather then starting with a mere 15 build to spend, you can save up before deciding what you want.
It is up to you however, how much you want to come in at.


NPCing your first time is helpful and beneficial to you, but not absolutely necessary.

Some of the chapters have local new player marshals, and some have combat practice days, make sure you contact the staff of the chapter you plan to play in to see what is available, and what they suggest!

norman b

HI Ladeon!

I will go against the grain here and recommend PCing your first event. I know that our community is great and friendly. If you have questions, you can always ask. No one will fault you for being new. :)

My first event was a PC. I PC'ed a year before becoming a NPC in one chapter and PC in another. I think PCing is a load of fun. It's great getting to figure things out plotwise and solving the puzzle.


If you PC first, then you get to know the characters faster. NPCing will let you get to know the players in the back better, but knowing the guys on the field may be harder. Lots of variance on that count depending on the group at your local chapter. What is not variable is the level of risk in creating a character at your first event or later. NPCing lets you know a little bit about the rules, and you will know much better how to design a character from a numbers standpoint, and from a game world stand point. Of course there are no guarantees, but my decades in the hobby, different chapters in different states in different system makes me think this is a good bet.

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Hey Ladeon - welcome to the Alliance! :)

I started as a PC and had barely given the rules a once-over. It meant I got immediately involved in the ongoings of the game, but left me at a disadvantage regarding knowledge of the rules. That said, other players are usually very willing to help you with any questions you have, so that was not necessarily a disadvantage so much as an occasional hurdle.

I think I'd recommend starting as an NPC purely because it lets you put on a lot of hats - you get to try RPing a few different races, you get to try different classes and builds, etc. It lets you get a feel for what you might like to play and might not like to play, all while getting to know folks not just in game, but behind the scenes as well.

norman b

Also, check with your local chapter! Sometimes they have a new player representative. They are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Also, also, we plot members love extra NPC's :)


Hey Ladeon!

I'm the New Player Rep for Alliance Seattle, so I welcome you to this crazy hobby and organization of ours! I'd like to also offer you some of my insight.

My recommendation is that you should probably NPC. Here's why.

1) If you're planning on PC'ing in the long term, I'd definitely advise on NPC'ing for your first game. This way, you get an understanding as to what an NPC does, and I feel that every PC should NPC at least one game, just to get an idea. Additionally, you'll get some knowledge as to how our basic rules work (damage, body, striking rules, etc). You'll still have a LOT to learn, but it's definitely going to get your feet wet!

2) If you want to get an idea of how some of the PCs costume/makeup/prop before you actually do it yourself, NPC'ing allows you to get an idea of what people use. This can help you in deciding what kind of garb to wear, what kind of weaponry to use, and where to get it! Also, you might even decide that your original character concept wasn't what you'd like to play NOW. Which can be really helpful!


Hail and well met Ladeon!

I saw you posted in the Southern Minnesota schedule thread as well, so I think it's our handbook/website FAQ comment about NPCing first that you're referring to. I'm the author of that particular passage and I agree with the previous comments in this thread. You are certainly welcome to try PCing straight out of the gate if you're comfortable with it, but we have found that NPCing offers more structure and opportunity for new players to learn different parts of the rules over the course of a weekend, rather than just the quick "new player training" at the beginning of an event and then leaving you to your own devices. A few players prefer this immediate autonomy, however, many more have enjoyed the benefits of NPCing first for the reasons already described in this thread.

To answer your questions directly, I started as an NPC and it was extremely helpful in understanding the "little ins and outs" of an Alliance event. It also helps you understand helpful vs. unhelpful costuming. What works at a costume party or convention setting often doesn't translate to the woods. In general, NPCing first helps to expedite the learning curve for LARPing.

Welcome again and I hope to see you at an event soon!
Hey, welcome to us man, I started out as a PC my first event and it wasn't to hard to get this down, I honestly have ever done an NPC yet but I enjoy being a PC so much that I haven't really felt like doing a NPC. If you need help during the event as a PC you could always just quickly ask someone quietly and it hasn't been a problem for me. I hope you enjoy your experience man it's amazing.


Hello , I am new to this forum and I wanted to know how to start as a pc?

Hey there! I'm Evan, New Player Rep for the Seattle Chapter of Alliance.

As Mark put up, you should definitely check out the rulebook. Disclaimer: It's big! So here's my recommendation:

1) Go to the Races section. Figure out what kind of race suits the type of character you want to play.

2) You start with 15 Build Points. Go to the skills section, decide what class you want to play, and spend your Build Points according to those skills.

3) Get in contact with the chapter that's local to you. Find out their event calendar. Introduce yourself. Here's how you can easily find a chapter local to you:

4) Always ask questions whenever you need to!