Resolved New Construction: Javelins

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Charlottesville Staff
Javelins are mentioned as being part of the new Thrown Weapons group, but are not mentioned in the new text for thrown weapons. From what is written, it seems as though one could make a 2-inch-long "javelin" all the way up to 40 inches, it will cost 10PP to make (compared to 5PP for a Throwing Dagger), and still only be a base 2 damage weapon. Similarly, a boulder only useable by a creature with Superhuman Strength seems to have the same base damage, as well.

Is that correct?



There is one category for thrown weapons under the new guidelines. This includes all thrown weapons, be they rocks, throwing daggers, throwing axes, javelins, boulders (aka 'big rocks'), dismembered unicorn heads, watermelons, or angry birds. All of them are base 2 damage and have the same size limitations as stated in the guidelines.

Chapters may choose to have specific local rules for some categories of thrown weapon, such as boulders. These will be noted on the tag and should be stated clearly by the chapter.

-Bryan Gregory
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