New Footwear

It looks like my second pair of boots from the thrift store don't have much left after last event. Does anyone have any suggestions on good boots for larp? I don't mind spending some money to get a good pair but the ones at are a bit out of my price range.


Mine are from and have treated me well (as long as I keep inserts updated as needed).

It is similar to Son of Sandlar, but much less expensive.


How physically do you play the game? While a good pair of period boots are great costume, actual sport footgear can be a huge boon. I personally swear by my Bates tactical boots, but many other paintball/generic sport boots come in basic black.
I like to be pretty active so the Bates boots might be nice. I do really like to have a pair of boots that fit my character though since I play an elf. :)


Chicago Staff
I think any black or brown boot even when not in period looks fine as a complement to a character. The military boots especially as they have the heavy look of an in period boot.

I recently have learned that moccasins are really great personally and look good for a natural character.