New Hampshire Donation Drive

Hello Alliance community, my name is Dan, I am the owner of the New Hampshire chapter. Two of our longtime players, Melissa and Michael, welcomed their daughter Lily to the world just before Christmas of last year. Lily is a beautiful sweetheart who was born with an incredibly rare genetic condition that caused several facial deformities and visual impairment. Lily is now six months old and has already been through multiple major surgeries. As many of us know from first hand experience, being a parent is exhausting and expensive to begin with, and Lily's medical expenses have been very hard on her parents.

For the next two weeks, until the end of New Hampshire's June event, every single dollar given to our chapter as a donation will go directly to Melissa and Michael. Anyone who donates will still receive goblin stamps from the New Hampshire chapter, because that is the method I have available to express my appreciation to anyone who is able to help out two wonderful, dedicated parents and their amazing trooper of a baby girl. Please, if you can spare anything, any amount is helpful.

Donations can be made via Paypal using the button on this page or by sending money to Please include your real name in the special instructions unless you would like to donate in someone else's name, or simply anonymously. If you would like to donate but are not a Paypal user, I will happily provide my mailing address over private message. As our donation page indicates, we give 3 gobbies to the dollar, changing to 5 for donations of $50 or more. For anyone who is able to give $100 or more, we will be awarding at a 10-to-1 ratio for the duration of the donation drive, ending Monday, June 13th.

Please, please give if you can. Michael and Melissa are excellent people and loving parents who have been put in a very difficult position to give their baby good care. Lily is, despite her tough breaks, an amazing, expressive, joyful child. Thank you so, so much to everyone who is able to spare anything. You have my sincere and lasting appreciation.



The Seattle chapter will be awarding a bonus 2 goblin stamps per $1 for all donations made to this donation drive.

Best wishes to the whole family - thank you for your contributions to the community!