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Hi Everyone!

We here at Alliance Oregon have decided we are going to be starting an optional Yearly Membership Fee of $15. We had this in the past and had dropped it off at some point. Other chapters have the same policy in place and we are following suit. What this does is help us offset the cost of our insurance so we can continue to bring you guys fun and exciting games!

Starting next month all names will be removed from the monthly buyback list who haven't paid the Yearly Membership of $15. Paying the Yearly Membership will be rewarded our standard 5GS:1$ rate (75GS).

You may pay via events or Paypal When paying the Yearly Membership, please send an email to Logistics ( and let us know which character you want placed on the monthly buyback list.
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Oregon Staff
Hello wonderful people!

It's time once again to pay your dues! The cost is $15 and goes towards paying our insurance for game. You will receive 75 gobbies for doing so and be put on our monthly blanket list, which will allow you to buy an additional XP blanket per month for 30 gobbies.

I'll be kicking everyone off the blanket list today (you have already been granted your August blankets, but this will prevent you from getting a September blanket) unless you've paid.

I'll throw a list up here of everyone who has paid, so if you're wondering if you've done it, now you'll know!

Updated 2/20/19
Barbara M
Brian J
Ellie R
Zaz Y
Bryan G
Amy G
James D
Ben T
Queenie T
Evan R
Brian H
Jimmy H
Corin L
Lizzie G
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