New Player Questions - Rules for Posting

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The New Player Questions forum is a board designed for new players to post questions for the Marshals, ARC or other representatives who have been authorized by Alliance LARP Chapters or National Staff to provide official rules clarifications. This is more for people who aren't familiar with the entire rules set, and/or are interested in coming to a game but would like a few clarifications first.

Please try to keep your questions straight forward, and if necessary, break them up into multiple questions. This will make it easier for questions to be answered, and will keep threads on topic and concise.

When answering questions:
i. The Responder MUST be a Marshal, Owner, or ARC and clearly post such in their reply. Answers which are not signed and include an appropriate title will be deleted.
ii. Once a topic has been answered, a moderator will close the topic. Any additional discussion of the topic should then be moved to the Rules Discussion forum.

Not open for further replies.