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  1. Wandererj4ck

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    Hey Folks,

    Names Jeremiah and I am looking at coming out in August. I am also thinking that I might do NPC full time. Out of curiosity, if i do that, is there a cost involved. Also if I decide to PC what would the cost as a new player be?

    Also if i played alliance years ago could i still be in the database and if so who do i talk to about that?

    thank you,

    Jeremiah Zick
  2. Shay

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    I NPCed full time for about 5 years- it's a lot of fun! A member of staff will be along soon I'm sure to give official answers, but- there is no cost for an event for NPCs, though I think sometimes there is one to be part of a meal plan.
    As for the database, I would guess that you are probably still in there, but that question will have to be more officially answered.

    Hi and welcome! I hope you have a great time among us.
  3. Embrawk

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    Hello Jeremiah,

    While I am not the Head of Plot for the August Event, I fell however I can confidently answer most of your questions.

    NPC's also known in our chapter as Cast and Crew, play for free and for most Events with a meal plan, eat for free too. If your thinking about being a full time NPC you should think about Joining our NPC Guild.

    If you choose to PC your previous NPC bonuses will be applicable towards your PC. But It is best to work with logistics to help with your Character Build

    Also if you do wish to PC in August there two campaigns to choose from for your characters background. The one in August is called Maelstrom a Post-Apocalyptic Dark/High Fantasy campaign style that is heavily player driven. In this campaign Daring Hero's must Rebuild a Dead world and Restore Hope to it's slowly resurrecting populace. All of this while holding of an almost never flow of Elemental Forces. Please E-mail for more Details

    The other Campaign is The World of Enerret a more traditional Sword and Sorcery
    Style Campaign. It is very unique and diverse setting, filled with many traditional tropes and many different Hi-Fantasy styles derived from many different cultures. Here The Mistwalkers (PC's) are faced with facing wicked villains, political espenage and ancient mysteries.
    Please email plot for more details.

    If you have any other Questions feel free to ask. Look forward to seeing you in August :)i

    Enerret Head of Plot
    Bobby Susoeff

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  4. Embrawk

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    I apologize in advance, I cannot seem to get the Emails to link.

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  5. Wandererj4ck

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    Is it a possibility for an experienced larper (over a decade, starting with NERO and Alliance and then past 7 years beiing dystopia rising) to be part of the npc guild and be predomenetly a rp npc? Such as a big bad that is more about solving issue with talk than violence but will go to violence if needed? Is that a possibility for the weekends? I am a veteran and have problems with chronic shoulder pain made worse by swinging a weapon...not saying i can not, just would prefer to avoid it.
  6. Embrawk

    Embrawk Newbie San Francisco Staff

    While I cannot speak for the Maelstrom campaign offically I am pretty sure they would have a role that you could rock. What
    I can say for sure is that we have a role perfectly fitted for you in our Enerret campaign. I would love to talk detail in private for the Enerret role if you are interested

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