New Year, New Season, New Start, Initial Fundraiser!


Minnesota Staff
Hello friends of Alliance LARP Minnesota!

We at Alliance Minnesota are reaching out today seeking financial support for a series of important projects for our community.

As many of you know, NPC camp is an essential part of the LARP experience, providing weapons, costuming, and props to our non-player characters and new players to use during events. Unfortunately, the camp has been well-used over many seasons, and is in dire need of a refit.

We are launching a fundraising campaign to raise money for this refit project. Any contribution, no matter how small, will make a big difference in helping us rebuild the NPC camp and ensure our game remains a safe and enjoyable space for all of our players.

Additionally, we plan to use donation funds to secure our sites for the upcoming 2023 and 2024 seasons. Currently, we are in talks with multiple camps, and hoping to host 6 events in the upcoming season!

If you love our game and want to see it continue to thrive, please consider making a donation!

In exchange for your financial support, we will be offering 10:1 goblin stamps on donations! Additionally, donations above $50 will be awarded 1 dragon stamp per $5 donated!

$1000 - 10000 Minnesota GS, 200 DS

$500 - 5000 Minnesota GS, 100 DS

$250 - 2500 Minnesota GS, 50 DS

$100 - 1000 Minnesota GS, 20 DS

$50 - 500 Minnesota GS, 10 DS

$25 - 250 Minnesota GS

Additional rewards may be added throughout the fundraiser, and will be awarded retroactively to all qualifying donors!

Donations can be made via Zelle (Preferred) and Paypal to:

Additionally, please send an email to after donating with your name and amount donated so we can make sure to reward you properly!

Can’t afford to donate but still looking to help out?

We are also looking for individuals to assist us in building weapons, props, and costuming once we are able to purchase the materials. Stay tuned for us to announce some crafting days in the near future!

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support. We can't wait to see our NPC camp back in action, and we hope to see you at an Alliance LARP event soon!