Newsletter Policy Update


HQ Staff
Hello, lovely Ashbury Players!

Starting this month, there are two new policies that the newsletter is putting in place.

1. Redacted Articles​
If an article is considered to be something that the IG newspaper would be unwilling or unable to run, or if the article is veto’d for plot reasons, the submitter will still be credited with the full gobbies they would have received for said article.

2. Article Length​
In the interest of readability and for ease of editing, we are stating a suggested length of up to 300 words per article. While there is wiggle room, particularly for the frontpage article, articles over 300 words will be more heavily scrutinized potentially being cut entirely. Articles much shorter than the limit are fine, as this is not a word length requirement.

We thank you for your continued contributions and help in making the newsletter the best that it can be and look forward to more in the future!

Erika Noach
Head of Newsletter