Next Market - Celestial Services


Chicago Staff
Because there are so few Celestial Casting Adventurers whom are in regular attendance, I wanted to take a moment and provide a resource for the Wayside Adventuring Community to reach out in the event you needed something specific. Services can range from simply providing spells for a spell store, building a ward for your group, spell crafting, as well as formal Ritual casting; not to mention tutoring potential students of the Celestial Scholastic Arts.

Of the handful of available Celestial Casting Adventurers, it is extremely helpful for you to reach out in advance. Doing so allows us to better plan for both the needs of the few, while also being able to plan for the needs of larger concerns that Wayside currently face. Most importantly, it allows you to better plan your time while at market. You will know before arrival whom will be assisting you and when approximately they will be available to assist you. Lets face it, the best of planned timetables usually go pear shaped. Not to mention, have had the opportunity to negotiate any cost associated to the assistance rendered.
An update to this, I will be offering Ritual Casting this market.

Due to the shifts in magic, my current cost will be 5 silver per difficulty of the ritual. This ammount will fluctuate as we as a community figure out the value or items. The benafit is I can cast your rituals with short notice though an extra charge my be requested for extremely short notice.

I also offer Wards at 1 Gold.

-Fredrick Crawford, Saturnian Journyman of the Solars Guild


Is this the place Dolarth asks if your magics help my shield not break?

Also can Dolarth book time to learn what magics you have can do for Dolarth? I want to learn what to ask for!

-Dolarth Sarzig


As a Celestial, I would also like to offer my assistance should others be unavailable. I should be in attendance more now that other things have settled down. Let me know if I can help!


Chicago Staff

Ill be coming down in a few weeks to assist with the Lenox problem as Agate puts it.

What are your rates for celestial ritual casting? I have a few needed to be done.