NH Pay-No-Play Promo: March 2023


New Hampshire Staff
Alliance NH is offering a special promo this month! If you can't make it to many games and still want to gain tons of XP at a huge discount, check it out!

~ Who says you have to attend every AllianceLARP event to gain experience? With our Pay-no-Play Pass, you can earn experience without even setting foot on the field! For just $50 (a $30 savings), you'll have access to the entire season of New Hampshire events and gain experience as they happen. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! ~


New Hampshire Staff
Feel free to ask Dustin (@ZeroDonavan ), Steve (@RiddickDale ), or me if you have any questions!
Thanks for supporting our chapter and getting buff characters at the same time! <3


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New Hampshire Staff
~Details for Donating!~

1. You may use PayPal independently and directly send $50 to VideanOwner@gmail.com
OR, you may use the Pre-Reg section of our website, and select “Full Season PNP Promo”: https://www.alliancelarpnh.com/#prereg

2. Once your payment is received, your CMA accounted will be credited with 540 Gobbies, to account for our FULL SEASON of LPs, PLUS a bonus 3 blankets!

3. YOU are then able to APPLY YOUR OWN BLANKETS as the events happen!
(To be clear - The 540 Gobbies are yours to use however you prefer, but our idea was to give you enough for our season’s blankets. Be sure not to forget to apply the blankets in the CMA *yourself*!)