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Chicago Staff

The role of a leader is pivotal in any situation and none more so than in our organization where, when you choose to lead, you stand with a foot in two worlds, leading in each. Much as the staff who assume a mantle of leadership OOG are sought after as role models as their various characters IG, when you take a position of leadership IG, you will now be viewed as a role model OOG as well. It is the Alliance Chicago expectation that anyone with an official title, be it IG or OOG, will be viewed as a face of the organization. As such, much as the staff has agreed to their responsibilities and a code of conduct, we now ask our in-game leaders to follow a code of conduct both in and OOG to help us create a world where everyone can "find their moment". As always, our staff is open to feedback and if you feel that you have issues with part or all of this code. Please bring any concerns or feedback to the staff. This is a living and breathing organization, formed by the bonds between its participants and the stories we tell together. We intend for our codes and rules to reflect this, living and growing as needed. So please, don't hesitate to reach out, there is a person on the other end of this.

Members of the PC Leadership team will receive directed plot/privileges specific to your title / organization, By becoming part of the PC Leadership team and agreeing to follow the responsibilities outlined below the Plot team will generate plot and story as a reward for your continued dedication to Alliance Chicago.

This code supersedes any IG Noble Code or Law which may be introduced as this document is intended as a code of conduct for the Player, not a guide for the character. We do not intend to provide conflict between the two but should conflict arise we expect this code to be the most important part of your position. Please let us know if you feel there is conflict between any IG code and this document. Your feedback is invaluable to ensuring we are able to provide our leaders the opportunity to enjoy the game as much as anyone without a title.

The following current Titles are subject to the Leadership Code:

1. Knight

2. Lord

3. Official Head of a Local Guild (Master or higher in Earth or Celestial Guilds and the leader of the Merchants Guild)

*Squire is under Knight; Cupbearer is under Lord/Lady and thus are in training for the code but not yet responsible*

4. Baron

5. Sheriffs have a modified version of this based more heavily on Law then Noble structure.

IG Responsibility

1.) Once you assume a leadership position on stage, you will make best effort to attend at least half of the events in a given season as that character. If there are extenuating circumstances you are expected to reach out to Plot or other staff members to let them know. As a leader you will not be made an NPC, but you will become an integral part of the game world and the story we are telling together. Your absence will need to be accounted for in the best way possible. (Typically this means you should never miss more than 3 events consecutively barring extenuating circumstances)

2.) As a leader we expect you to reach out to other players IG, especially new PCs. Please make an honest effort to not segregate yourself. These actions should be appropriate to your character and we do not intend to force your character to become friendly if they never have been in the past. That said, we do however wish to see that inclusiveness as obvious IG. You are now an arm of our organization, and we would rather see that arm open, rather than closed off to others.

3.) As an organization, Alliance Chicago believes in a Player vs. Enemy environment. The stories we wish to tell and the overall feel we believe our game should have center around this. As a leader you will be expected to foster this environment to help us tell these stores. We expect you to avoid participating in words or actions that will spawn or foster a toxic Player vs. Player environment.

4.) Fulfill those duties as laid out in the Laws which are appropriate to your station, which may include but are not limited to Judicial Efficiency. And always remember the chain of nobility and the extent of your powers based on your specific land or title.

The below titles have judicial responsibility.

1. Squires to a Knight. Their Knight can sponsor them to a Knighthood position after several years of service.
Note: Squires are not subject to the responsibility requirements below, but must prove themselves to the responsibilities before being promoted.

2. Knight - Appointed by a Baron or higher station of nobility.
Note: Squire actions reflect on the Knight they serve.

3. Cupbearer to a Lord. Their Lord can sponsor them to Lordship/Ladyship position after several years of service.

4. Lord/Lady - Appointed by Baron/Count or higher station of nobility.

5. Baron/Baroness- Appointed by Duke/ or higher station nobility.

6. Sheriffs- Appointed by a noble and have a duty to the Laws of Wayside.

Failure to support these responsibilities IG will result in your character being judged. This may result in, but is not limited to, loss of title and lands.

OOG Responsibility

1.) Treat others like you’d wish to be treated. We wish to create an inclusive and friendly environment in which players not only feel included, but wanted as well. As such we expect our leaders to remember that above all else, this is a game. At the end of the day it's purpose is to provide fun and enjoyment to it's players, so we ask that you act accordingly.

2.) As a PC Leader, you may be one of the most common points of contact some players have with our organization. As one face of the organization we expect PC leaders to be respectful of other players and of their characters. This would include teaching young players the IG economy and general game world.

3.) As a common point of contact with our players, you may become the person in our organization with whom they are the most comfortable bringing their concerns to. We expect that you will bring any player concerns you receive to our Owner Rob D, our HOP Nate B, or a full time staff member so they may be addressed appropriately and so we can keep a close ear on what our players need and desire. You are expected to not attempt to address player concerns yourself if they are OOG or meta issues. Just facilitate their resolution.

4.) As a leader your feedback is invaluable! After each event you are expected to fill out our post event survey, for which you will receive our deep appreciation and the normal 15 goblin stamps.

5.) Above all, this is a Game. As one of our most active PCs, if you are not having fun or are feeling unengaged, we NEED to know. Please reach out to a staff member and let us know. We want you to become part of the heart that beats to keep this organization alive. If you feel you are not thriving in our game we consider that a serious problem and want to see what we can do to breath life back into the game for you.

Failure to support these responsibility OOG will result in a conference with the Plot staff to determine if the player should continue to hold a title or out right revocation without notice depending on severity of the issue at hand.
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