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Attempting to rewrite the Nobility Agreement of Alliance Chicago was surprisingly difficult as the last document was fine in many ways but did not convey much of what was important. The importance of nobility in the chapter effectively boils down to collaborative storytelling and being a good community member.

Nobles agree to increased communication with plot, putting others on par if not even first in the game, and generally bettering the game in everything they do. You are an ambassador of the core ideal that is the game of Alliance and the Chicago community.

The two tangible portions of the above are all nobles must submit post event letters, and should attend events regularly. Anyone who does not do those two simple things, and/or is not an ambassador to better ideals of the game can face lowering of status, and possibly removal of titles.

Because of the ideal behind all of this, and the need to have an understanding of the In Game world, becoming a noble is not quick nor easy. Various paths all exist to elevate a character's status, but typically for a tier 1 noble you can expect a year of observation, and two years of mentorship which involve a series of tasks.

Generally speaking you may have titles in multiple In Game locations or Kingdoms; however understand having multiple masters can get complicated. Simply put if you can juggle the responsibilities handed to you by Plot your welcome to complicate your character’s life.

The trappings of nobility in order to avoid limiting costume choices for others and encourage a high level of representation from our nobles must be layered. All three Chicago settings will hold to the listed trappings below. IE the only way to impersonate a noble would be to have all of that tiers trappings. Visiting nobles are encouraged to wear whatever they normally would and enjoy noble rp with our nobles.

Two final notes about nobility in Chicago. First, the only time characters are expected to bow to nobles is IF they are Heralded. IE a formal announcement of the noble is made with full pomp and circumstance. Secondly, all titles in addition to the traditional masculine/feminine titles will have a nongendered option. Margrave being an example of this.

Nobility is broken down into tiers; each tier holds a higher bar to which you will be held too. Please ask for clarifications for your specific title.

Tier 4: The Royals- The Monarch and their family along with the Ducal and County level positions. (NPC ONLY)
Chain of Office / White or Gold Belt / Royal Scepter / Headpiece
Tier 3: High Nobility- The Barons and similar
Chain of Office / White Belt / Headpiece
Tier 2: Minor Nobility- The Knights and Landed Lords
White Belt / Headpiece
Tier 1: The Gentry- Lords without land, Magistrates, Sanctioned Guildmasters, Squires, Cupbearers
Red Belt
Not Noble: The Masses- Sheriffs, Guards, Adventurers, Merchants, and Commoners

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