Notes from 7/16 gathering

This is a transcription of the notes that I took at the last gathering. If you notice any mistakes, have anything to add, or have any questions please let me know.

Dragon Orb
A magical orb was found in a village near Tilmere. When held, the orb caused a number of command effects to the holder including fear, charm, and berserk. The adventurers managed to contain it and decided the safest place for it was in the vault of Evodir. The Curator took it and placed it in the vault and also made several comments regarding the orb. They said the orb was called a Dragon Orb and was surprised to see one outside of the vault. They also commented that they didn't think that this Dragon Orb came from the vault.
As an aside, the Curator also stated that they believed Evodir would eventually return. Its possible they know something we don't, however I believe it's more likely that they are unaware of his demise. Given that the Curator's only loyalty is to Evodir, we have decided not to tell them of his death.

Huntsmarshal Lor'tek and the fey
Several adventurers came upon a sentient creature fighting several monsters. We later learned that this creature was a fey. They asked for the adventurer's help in subduing the monsters. As soon as the monsters were subdued, another fey came through what seemed to be a portal of mushrooms. This fey identified himself as Huntsmarshal Lor'tek. He declared that the first fey was unworthy because he needed help on his hunt. Lor'tek shattered the spirit of the other fey using his bow. He claimed that he was able to come to Erabella due to the lack of a Djinn protecting it. Eventually he left through the same portal he came through.
Afterwards we learned that a small nearby village had been raided by fey. Almost every single person was killed and those who weren't killed were taken. Some of their bodies were found cowering in corners of their homes. The bodies had mostly marks from arrows, blade, and claws. Notably, these are the same weapons that the fey we encountered used. Some of the bodies were missing body parts or clothing that were presumably taken as trophies of some kind.
We also found what appeared to be another portal nearby, though it as slightly different from the previous one. This portal seemed to be made in a tree that looked like it had been ripped open from inside.
My assumption is that a different fey than Lor'tek created this portal and led a group of fey to kill and abduct the nearby town. Their actions seemed similar to the ideals that Lor'tek spoke about, which leads me to belive they are allied in some way. This is pure speculation on my part.

Werewolves and werebeavers attacks the 3 local sawmills. Some of them claimed that the sawmills had been harvesting too many trees and desecrating the forest. The foreman later claimed that nothing had recently changed in their habits. The werebeavers seemed to be using necromancy. Tom, the foreman of the last sawmill claimed he saw one of the werebeavers create some sort of undead.
I asked Ser Zihr to get in contact with the werewolves we had encountered the previous year to enlist their help in this matter. Ser Zihr later reported that the old werewolf leader was dead and they would not be able to help. Its speculation on my part, but I want to know if these new werecreatures are somehow related to the old pack.

The Oathsworn nation are sending a delegation to be received by the Adventurers at the next gathering. They believe that Erabella has broken their oath to Evodir and that that makes them a threat to everyone. Our job is to welcome them and hopefully convince them that Erabella is not a threat. By showing that we can host them in their own fashion we can hopefully change their opinion of both Erabella and the adventurers.
The oathsworn have many customs and traditions. It will be difficult to remember and follow them all so I will separate them into two lists, one which everyone should be aware of and one that deals with more specifics. Adventurers who are members of the aristocracy guild should be aware of all these customs.

Things everyone should be aware of:
  • The Oathsworn pride themselves on honor and dignity. Do not insult their honor or take it lightly.
  • Do not touch the Oathsworn. They only allow other people to touch them unless they have an oath with them.
  • Bowing is their preferred greeting. You bow more to those with higher stations
  • The Oathsworn must maintain their honor and oaths and they do not make them lightly
  • Do not make prolonged eye contact. Its seen as a challenge
  • Do not use their first name casually. Its customary to address them as their title followed by their surname
Specific things to keep in mind:
  • The Oathsworn delegation should be served first as they are guests. Always make sure their cups are not empty. If they offer to refill your cup, always accept.
  • If the Oathsworn are being silent, do not attempt to fill the silence. They are likely contemplating and will speak when ready.
    They do not do business over a meal as they consider it rude.
  • The do not like to deny things outright. Do not pressure them into making a decision.
  • Watch their body language. They will likely be open with their discomfort in body language. If they have to speak their discomfort they are already offended
  • Because they do not lie they will often try to steer the conversation away from topics that they do not discuss. If they try to avoid a topic, let them.
  • The delegation with likely bring presents of some kind. Its proper to give a gift in return of equal value in return. The gift may be delayed but it diminishes the value of your gift.
Again please ask any questions that you have.

Zen Mallowbrooks
Administrator of the Town Box


How big a deal it be if I hug em? Or not bows? They not do anything to earn my respects yet. I not honor dems just cuz day. Have rocks on da heads. Also i tink I wants to do an oathsworn staring contest? I just saying it could be fun…..

Squire Lt. Bruisey Foemangler

Considering that they have the political power and inclination to start a war against Erabella simply because they do not like us, I would say it is a pretty big deal. Instead of thinking about these customs as honoring them, try to think of them as showing that we understand who they are. They are trying to understand who we are and giving us a way to show them that we are not Oathbreakers, which is literally a matter of life and death to them.

Consider this: if another High Orc came to you and called you a coward, insulted your family, and openly disparaged your honor, I'm betting that you would not take kindly to this. You would have to do something about it, in whatever form that takes. That is the same as these customs are for the Oathsworn. They are coming to us as Oathsworn and simply asking that we not insult them and show that we can respect their values and culture. If you cannot show them the same respect that you want others to show you, then I would ask that you remove yourself from the vicinity when they arrive.

Zen Mallowbrooks
Administrator of the Town Box


Zen and all, a few things of note.

The werewolf pack that was attacking the sawmills was the same pack we have dealt with. Long John is their new leader, from what I was told Gregor (the previous leader) has been killed. The pack knows that we are stronger (but added an ominous "for now") and have agreed to move on.

The Grand Army of Erabella has been, for the most part, dissolved. The hoblings have agreed to generous terms with the Grand Council for the use of their army to secure the northern border. This has resulted in many of our soldiers being out of jobs and a rise in banditry across the entirety of Erabella. What this means for the Military Guild has yet to be seen, however there are pockets of the army being supported so I doubt there will be much change there. Personally I am not comfortable with the biggest military force in Erabella being under the control of another nation, but I am not part of that decision making process.

Zen, you may recall this - we had let the Oathsworn Ambassador study a scroll we had recovered that tied Evoder to the humans. Wasn't there something about Evoder betraying his oath to protect us? I believe we let the Stone Elf Ambassador study this as well and there was talk by both ambassadors about this being potentially very good news and could prevent their nations from declaring war on Erabella. Do you (or anyone) remember anything more specific about this?

~Sir Zihr of House Husky
Sir Zihr,

We can discuss this more efficiently in person, but I do not believe Evodir specifically violated his Oath as I believe it was mostly centered around his relations with the royal family. There is an argument to be made about how that oath translates to Erabella as a whole. I do not know how the Oathsworn will react to that knowledge but it may be worth mentioning.

I'm not certain which scroll you are referring to but I know Fiona has a scroll in her possession that is tied to this matter. Again this is something we should discuss in person but I'm not certain this is the solution to the problem either.

The motions of the Hobling nation worry me as well considering some of the actions we know they took previously and the werewolf pack is worrisome as well. I think they are things to watch carefully. There are many looming threats that we are aware of. It may be a matter of choosing which is most pressing to deal with first.

Zen Mallowbrooks
Administrator of the Town Box