**Notes Posted Around The Duchy**

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**As you travel between market days you begin to notice small notes have been posted in almost every gathering place you go to.

**They read:**

To the Adventurers who frequent the towns of Valbourgh and Azyl and especially Sir Nigel Allgood, a Knight of Baron Ko Minmatsu,

I now understand why you have been reluctant to work with me to keep balance and order on the plane. I thought it simply poor judgement that you attacked me, unarmed as I tried to leave your last gathering, but now I recognize the dark truth of that encounter and your game with me is at an end.

You showed your true colors when you released a Green Dragon from the Graveyard of the Four Winds.

It is a shame that people of great power such as yourselves are evil, I fear for the well being of the people who encounter you and whatever your horrific plotting will create.

I remove my protections from your gatherings and hope that your enemies, among them the good people of The Great Kingdom of Dragonreach, will find the strength to send you to the same Graveyard you defiled with cold hands.

May you fail, and in failure may darkness take you.

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