Notice from the Order of the Caligonauts

[Trading Post Wall]

To all who are interested in adventure and knowledge from the past,

This is a monumental announcement on behalf of the Order of the Caligonauts. A recent foray into the Mists has lead to the discovery of a pre-Mist city. While the city itself seems to have been leveled by both time and the creatures that dwell in the Mists, at its center stands a citadel that appears to be wholly intact. While the citadel surely shows the passage of time on its walls, the magic that seals it, barring entry, still holds strong. Our scholars are certain that this seal can be bypassed, allowing entry into the citadel. However, the large number of undead and Mist Monsters that surround the city will make this a difficult task for just a small group, along with whatever kind of defenses or creatures await within. As such, the Order of the Caligonauts is calling for any and all individuals brave enough to venture into the Mists to join them on an expedition to this citadel in one week’s time, once the Mistwall has dropped. Our hope is to reclaim whatever lost treasures and knowledge lie within, and to share it with those who help in this endeavour.

This is the largest find of pre-Mist civilization that the Order of the Caligonauts has found to date. Given that the magical defenses of the building have lasted through the ages we can only imagine what we will find within its walls. A key part of the mission of the Order of the Caligonauts is the recovery of artifacts and knowledge lost to time and the Mists. We welcome the cooperation of any and all people who share those desires in not just this upcoming expedition, but those of the future as well.

Aldrin Sandbur

Senior member of the Order of the Caligonauts