<<Notice of a Call to Assistance, posted in Guild Halls across Barran>>

Barran Plot

Gettysburg Staff
To All Guild Members and Associates: Assistance Urgently Needed

The Greater Guildhalls of Barran are in need of assistance to continue and succeed in the ongoing mission of moving and neutralizing the giant Magical Anomaly.

If you are willing and able, present yourself at an established station for assignment.

<<OOG: This is for Fall IBGAs between our Aug and Oct events! Participation in this counts as a group IBGA for those of you with Alternate characters. If you wish to have a character participate, please send an email to barranplot@gmail.com, with the subject title "Guild Assistance, Fall 2017 IBGA". In the body of the email, please let us know what guilds your character is a member of (and if there is anything your character would like to specifically do while they're assisting in missions/ventures). If your char is not a member of a guild, that's fine, your character can participate as well: just put in the body of the email that your character is not a member.>>