Notice on the Sharing of Derrin’s Pass Earth Circle


New Hampshire Staff
[Trading Post Wall]

May 9, 1018 PVF

An Earth Circle has been created within Derrin's Pass. This Earth Circle was gained under unusual circumstances and negotiations. To recover the means of casting the Earth Circle, I have given my word to the Outland tribes known as the “Beastmen” that they are permitted to Resurrect in this circle, provided they follow certain terms. This notice is to inform all within Derrin's Pass of what was promised to these non-citizen peoples when they Resurrect in the Circle.

Any non-citizen person who is not a known criminal is free to Resurrect and exit the Kingdom unassailed. Any known criminal is not afforded such protection. The Gnoll known as Mudflinger is Invested in this Circle and welcome within it to perform Resurrections.

As people from lands beyond the Mists continue to enter the Kingdom, and their races and cultures are new to us, remember that any people who can discuss and accept the rule of law are considered welcome and are protected as citizens unless specifically otherwise decreed.

In service to the Kingdom of Videa
Sheriff Ellen Lott