Nov Auction Lot #10 (of 18): (General) Strengthened Blow


A small sign said:

Bids will be taken until midnight, the morning of the Thursday before the gather. (12/11)
Payment is due before Tadeusz goes to bed the following Saturday.

Lot #10 (of 18): (General) Strengthened Blow

This ritual targets a weapon.

Here's a ritual for a very specific kind of person, or a very specific situation that just happens to be extremely applicable to us right now. A weapon empowered by this scroll can - a very limited number of times per day - inflict very potent blows by tapping into a Channeling pool. Under normal circumstances, I would say that only Earth channelers would want this, as a very effective surprise for an enemy that thinks it's going to pick on the healer. However, with the void thugs on the prowl, having flexibility in how you inflict wounds is more important than ever - I wouldn't be surprised if there's a Celestialist that gets into the bidding in case their elemental and spell damage isn't doing the trick.

WINNING BID: 10 gold to Roscoe
Alternate: Kash, for 8 gold

Fine Print said:
  • All lots on auction are ritual scrolls - not the resulting items
  • All bids are binding - no retractions. (Be careful if you bid on multiple lots)
  • If the winner of a bid is not present or unable to pay by the deadline, that person will be mocked and the person with the 2nd highest will be given an opportunity to pay the amount they bid for the scroll. If they are unable/unwilling, the scroll will be considered loot for the new gather. (No one wants this, it sucks, don't be "that guy")
  • Invalid bids (such as bids from adventurers who were not present at the last gather) will be reversed, with the "current bid" being reset to the last resolution of conflict between valid bids
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