Nov Event 16th to 18th

Alliance CT will be having a Nov event and it will be at Lone Tree Scout Reservation in Kingston, NH Nov 16th to 18th.

After nearly eight months of conflict the united Volker people, Led by High Chief Hrothgar Fuerbart are ready to make their final push to reclaim the long lost First Kingdom: Erberoth from the Shadow Dragon Strife. In this the Volker have called forth all of Caldaria's finest to take part in the glory of the restoration of the Volker Kingdom and in doing so the Tribes of the Bear will forgive any debts Caldaria owes for the Bear's assistance during the Second Kurzinnor War. Even as the day of glory approach
es, betrayal, shadow, and flame threaten to destroy everything the Volker have fought for, and perhaps even the Volker themselves. For the Volker there is no turning back. They will win this day, or they will die trying. For the Caldarians a victory could bring them one step closer to eradicating the influence of the Shadows once and for all, but failure….let’s just say there are worse fates then death.

Join us in NH to close out the Alliance Season.

Lone Tree Scout Reservation
12 West Shore Park Rd, Kingston, NH
(copied from the ct forums)

As indicated by the in-game post, the upcoming event is both a "travelling" weekend and one where the characters will be arriving at their destination after game on. Feel free to set up your sleeping arrangemnts and IG decorations as you see fit prior to game-on (as we don't want to discourage decorations). As an OOG logistical concern, game items being brought IG during the weekend should be brought IG by a character coming in game (whether as part of the opening encounter or later in the weekend). Essentially, don't start with your treasuries and game items IG in your cabin/etc.