November '18 Event Favorites


I got that post game hype and want to hear about people's favorites!

First of all it was so great being welcomed back as a player. I took a much needed break and it was nice to come back to my Oregon friends and family, even if as a new character.

My search for embarrassing stories about Kel and people doing their best to come up with them for me :) it was a good new character ice breaker.

Building the rapport with Coro and Rumi, Z and I spent a while talking about things in general, but actually building our character's friendship in real time was amazing.

The Saturday night fights both as a monster and as a PC were really fun and I felt like people did a great job with their fighting. I loved how I almost died twice :)

Watching the RP between Bryan's lizard and Rumi and the RP that came from that initial interaction.

Ole forcing Killian to try my pie.

The fun double entendre conversation Saturday night that caused Killian to blush under his beard.

Hava's singing was lovely!


Here are my highlights because it was a wonderful event!

Getting charmed and then waiting 10 mins to assassinate those blue horns who did it!

Jimmy's character awakening me mid attack so I didn't hit him! LOL!

Coro was lovely and made Sashenka laugh hard about Kel.

And meeting the new Chief Canada was playing and her going, "Yeah we know you Sashenka. You are more than welcome to join the War Band."

LOL! Thanks so much everyone for the wonderful game.


Oregon Staff
  1. Doing two resurrections. Prior to that, I had only ever done one resurrection ever. The people I resurrected were engaging with me, especially Una as she moved her paws and jumped around as I explained what she was going through.
  2. Doing rituals! Prior to this I have marshalled quite a few rituals but I have never cast any in-game before. I am proud to say that my very first ritual ever cast rolled a big fat "0" on the die and, while successful, also flawed. I proceeded to cast three more rituals that same weekend and another one ended up flawing-out as well, even though it, too, was successful. If Durnic was extra surly and hot throughout the weekend, that was why. I guess I needed one of them eggs, eh? :D
  3. Sprinting across most of the field on Saturday during the casting of the Celestial circle and attacking the Barghast that was attempting to ear the circle. Who says 2 normal isn't useful?
  4. Lining up with two other Earth casters and pummeling the Talon of Disease into the ground with our hail of "5 Elemental Healing!" calls. Earth Channeling is good, yo!
  5. Face paintings! Thank you, Krystina for making me a pretty princess each morning.
  6. The will-o-wisp-style creature that was a floating light saying, "follow me" then following it around and gathering a larger and larger group of players. It was hilarious to have half of a dozen people come up and ask if I was charmed or otherwise compelled to follow the thing. The ensuing battle (because of course it was a trap, we knew it was a trap!) was super fun, too.
  7. "Wow Durnic the magics are really changing you up, aren't they?" and all of the variations thereof. With 2.0 allowing us to change our skills up so much, I am trying to make sure I am playing as many different playstyles as I can so that, as an owner, I can make sure that I have as many points of view as possible. It was very fun playing a large caster, though; I haven't had that opportunity before.
  8. I know some people are going to take issue with this, but I really liked that in the Saturday night fight we were pushed so hard that we had three people on the ground who needed a Life and I only had two, that's even after Spell Swapping my two Dooms in the middle of the fight. Luckily we found one other person with a Life in a spell store, otherwise we would have had a resurrection. I have never been in a situation like that, where I honest-to-god thought we were going to sit there and watch someone resurrect without any way to get them any help. It was tense and awesome and I (OOG) liked it.
  9. Fighting undead! I know it is a trope, but it is a trope that I absolutely love.
  10. Trying to delegate as much as possible to my Squire and my Armsmen in an attempt to a) stay sane and b) get them to step up to the leadership plate.


What a great game! Plot was amazing. It was an excellent flow of NPCs for Rp. It was the busiest game I have ever had.

*Taking part in the building of the Earth Circle was magic (no pun intended). Blending energies with other mages was a first for me. I got to be part of 8 rituals this weekend! I think that I am finally getting the hang of this. My confidence is much better.

*Having some time with Durnic/Rick was stellar for me. It is always so hard to get time with Mr. Popular.

*Meeting Coro and Kumi was a delight, as well as, meeting the badgerkyn, Spode (sp?). Spending quality time with Olivia was great. New and old friends well met.

Seeing Aluvio (sp) again was a highlight of the game for me. I now have two dragon friends (may their names be always a blessing).

* Perfoming Pitune's resurrection.

*Thank you to Master Luke for being my teacher.

*It was an honor to sing for the town. Thank you to Livinia for facilitating that for me. I hope to do more in the future. Remember that tips are gratefully accepted. Give me suggestions for more bawdy or battle songs.

*Big love to all of the living and breathing! True death to the Ung and the Talons!


Oregon Staff
I want to see the tavern really alive with more music and singing. Some of my fondest LARPing memories are when people started singing in the tavern. Unfortunately almost every single one of those times has been when someone has permanently died.


Best game for me yet! In no particular order...

1. Getting not 1 but 2 "Howlers" aka Whispering Winds from Drain, Banshee Scream included. They were chilling.
2. All of the Drain rp. Being corrupted by her twice was fun, once being told as an undead to attack the town and so i started throwing chaos until i was inevitably overwhelmed and then again just basically being told to follow Drain like a pikachu in the Saturday night battle. Was so surprised that I didn't get rifted out at the end of that fight
3. Being able to offer loads of insight on the talons and the necropolis forces to all the highbees and leaders of the various factions was a real honor
4. Aluvio! <3 I love that dragon!
5. Me: "Daelion do not touch that bottle"
Brian: "wait did you touch the trap?"
James: "um...yes i disarmed it."
Brian: "congratulations the bottle is now spirit linked to you."
Me: *facepalm*
6. The Red Thorn tour was so incredible. You could really feel like you were there.
7. *Goes to plot for a scouting mission*
Plot: "oh we're gonna put you in an amazing stealth mod!"
8. Hush! New silent characters rock!
9. Luke: "you might have eggs inside your bloodstream"
Me: "master Luke, you need to work on your bedside manner."
10. Literally having Soli decide she's gonna die this time for sure just doesn't know if it'll be because of the mummy curse or the Talon of Drain's fixation on just throwing herself to risks because "i'm gonna die anyways" logic and then still somehow didn't die. O.O
11. Meeting amazing new friends!

Wonderful game! Can't wait to see what happens next!


Oregon Staff
Just in order that the event rolled.

1. Rolling out to rescue Kelb. Rolling up to the building and getting the face to face with the jumping undead and bantering with a few of them before fighting.

2. Meeting new players and characters IG with little to no run up Friday night.

3. Saturday morning going over the Red Thorn tour. During the tour learning about what is going on with the Valenzian delegates being on the egg laying ground and turning to Durnic, 'We fixing that?' and getting a nod back from him.

4. Talking with the Red Thorns over my meat juice drink. Makes for awkward discussion when talking about clear protein drinks.

5. Saturday night double hooking/large fights felt very tight for both rounds.

6. Watching Gavin roll up behind people consistently pop them twice and just roll right back into the dark.

7. Getting ambushed at 2am with Ole on the way back to our cabin and just having 'I'm dead' rolling through my mind over and over.


Oregon Staff
So good to be back playing at Oregon! Had a lot of fun meeting new characters, fiddling with the new rules, and catching up on everything that had happened while Amory was gone. Hopefully I'll be a bit more in character come January ^.^;

In order of my memory:

1. The Earth Circle ritual Friday night - that was a very moving start to the game. I loved Ben's "off the cuff" ritual to strengthen the magics with the represented peoples.

2. The interesting problem that the Mummy curse posed and that it required a solution outside of hitting things.

3. The loudest Dryad Cousin!

4. "I rift in 1..." rifting undead are about as rude as prison undead.

5. The Wylenzia contingent and talking with Brian's Kin {Balkie?} about the shift from Wyldemore to Wylenzia. I look forward to future conversations with them!

6. Conversations with Rumi and Coro - especially discussing Necromancy....

7. Pie shenanigans and Killian blushing.

8. "Follow me!" That was clearly a good idea *nod,nods*

9. Awkward relationship stumbles with Killian...

10. Learning more of the Red Thorn, their home, and their culture.

11. Hava singing in the Tavern - that was so lovely and immersive.


Oregon Staff
As always, so much happened and so much amazing occurred, here is what I have that sticks out so far:

Battle Planning: Always one of my favorite moments and getting to work with different NPC's to craft a battle plan was a lot of fun and very immersive.

Being yelled at to just "Eat the F#cking Pie!" by Ole.

Awkward relationship stumbles with Amory. Getting to play up Killian's inexperience with relationships has been a lot of fun.

Giving Lavina the letter to decode. (I know those make Jess' day!).

Leading in combat and also getting to ever so briefly lead the opposing side (Thanks Ben!).

So much great RP with the new adventurers. I especially enjoyed Oonu (sp?) and Hush.

That ball of light was amazing and in no way a bad idea.


*I was super glad to be invited to go rescue Kelb. That fight was a ton of fun - easy enough to not be very stressful, but the rifting undead were a fantastic challenge.
*I was invited by an NPC to go cause some mischief. While looking for people to help us, we were turned in and the NPC got in trouble, but Jocean got away with it. Later, a different NPC was being punished for the same thing we had been trying to do. It made me chuckle because Jocean is dumb, but very lucky and, so far, he what he lacks with brains he makes up for with luck.
*Getting an out of game case of the chuckles because Kyriel cursed me with silence in a way that I felt proved my point.
*Double hooking in the battle - being the front line fodder for the militia charging in was a fascinating thing to experience with the way they moved in like they did. I really wasn't used to that and I'm glad I experienced it as an NPC and not as a player.
*Finally turning in a down time of our own (we had previously not written any) and being able to role play the results of it. It actually made me realize that I might enjoy having Jocean learn the lore craftsman skill.
*Being a two handed master and changing my build/class so I could be a real menace on the battlefield. I love using the polearm and I had a great time using a two handed sword as well.
*Learning that Alliance has set up an inclusion committee. I live in an area where the vast majority of people are somewhere between ignorant (and proud of that ignorance) and openly bigoted. I'm proud to be part of a group that cares so much about the rights and inclusion of members of society who are frequently marginalized (and I seriously hope that I haven't accidentally misgendered anyone).
*Tasting lightning bug blood and getting zapped for one point of lightning damage (as I mentioned above - Jocean is not smart).
*Realizing that I no longer feel like a newbie. I still struggle knowing some of the rules, but I honestly feel like I belong larping with the Oregon Alliance group.