November 2018 Favorite Moments!!

Discussion in 'Kansas: Out of Game' started by Kix, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Kix

    Kix Newbie Owner Denver Staff Kansas Staff Marshal

    Do the thing!! :D
  2. RMEloveslife

    RMEloveslife Newbie

    Definitely Gabe Mitchel! Game Master is so much fun and I enjoy traps and games!
    The food was great! Thanks to all thise who volunteered and cooked! It was great!
    Nikille the Sarr is also one of my faves!
  3. prospitfox

    prospitfox Newbie

    • “That’s ileeeeegal” you’re ‘ileeeeegal’”
    • Nikil is always great
    • “Nikil is going to Nik- stab you in the throat”
    • The crunch time going into 5am was super fun
    • The Game Master
    • Oops, i mean “The Better Game Master” (ie I loved watching Hallend harass a fae til it left)
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  4. Yssenia

    Yssenia Newbie

    • Very carefully worded conversations with Saren. I love our characters differences and how they interact
    • Merchant house was too cold, but still managed to have a little fun with it. I need to figure out a good way to get that warm.
    • Hiring Varen for the weekend. Bodyguard interactions were AMAZING!
    • Speaking of body guards, the Thorne interactions were great. I loved seeing that as a subtle interaction
    • Getting to play judge after the crimson mod card. I loved how that exploded, but I'm sad that everything went to chaos. I just want to have a little order in this town. ;_;
    • Watching everyone being wishy washy about saving Ilise and charging in first as a weaponless scholar
    • Pantherghasts! I love how they are manifesting and acting. Jax did such a great job playing them.
    • Charming Grok and Grok friend and the subsequent shenanigans that happened. HONOR OR DEATH!!!!
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  5. Lansen

    Lansen Newbie

    Better game master was tops.
    Best drink was very fun.
    Being slobbered on by a necromancers dogs.
    Nikil as always.
  6. omegachaosis

    omegachaosis Newbie

    Nikil is great
    Best drink worst drink!
    Heckin crunch til 5am
    "This is Ileeeegal!" "You're Ileeeeegal!"
    Watching a fae get shamed out of the tavern
    The interplay of Ara and Oli ressing Saren
  7. Nikorisu

    Nikorisu Artisan

    alright... here we go

    FAEANDER- great times getting drunk and stealing from eachother and learning a lot
    BETTER GAME MASTER- thank you for the new name ;)
    OLI- your sacrifice will be remembered
    PANTHERGAST- I WILL kill you!!!
    ELISANDRA- I'll prepare my scrolls for that duel
    SAREN- "Unhand my student!"
    LANSEN- our talks were enjoyable and I hope to continue them
    NIKIL- though I was broke, im glad we were able to make a deal
    POLARE- This is illeeeeeeegal! also, thank you for accepting the tribute we gave
    ILLISE & LILY- so i'm thinking an arc of green vines with a few black and purple flowers (I dont care that its December, weddings are important). also, ya'll need to tell me the specifics of how these things go down so that it happens right. apparently its not as cut and dry as I seem to think, but we'll work it out. dont worry.
    LIA- you keep making Hallend smile. keep it up.
    MIA- celestial is better than earth. and scrolls are better than everything else.

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