November 2019 CORNET BAY Cabin List


Good morning SeattleI At long last, the cabin list! It might look a little different from what you're used to, and that is because this event is at CORNET BAY. So please look at the list!

NPCs: You are not on the list, or the map! There is a large duplex right next to the parking lot that will be housing Monster Camp and all of y'all. There will be space. This site has. So much space.

As usual, if I have put you in the wrong cabin, or if you or a loved (or liked or tolerated) one did not preregister but will be going to the event and would still like to sleep in a cabin, as you can see, there is space everywhere, so please reach out to me with your/their/y'all's cabin preferences, and I will make sure you are somewhere you will be comfortable with.
So, basically there's a lot of mod cabin space, that's what I'm hearing.
There's a lot of cabin space.
So many mods that can be in cabins. Trapz4Dayz. LootzTheLocalz. HidezTheBodiez.
Oh dear, I knew your new friends were a bad influence...
Oh dear, I knew your new friends were a bad influence...

My friends and I are honored that you think we possess the physical motivation to use traps....