November 9-11 Pre-Reg Info Dump

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    Hello Alliance Seattle!

    Our November 9-11 event is a 2.0 playtest. This means that if you are an existing player, you will need to make sure that you have a character setup in the new online character manager (Woot woot!), have an idea of what you want to change your magic items to, and know what you want to do with your production. Here are some FAQs and hopefully some helpful answers.

    I'm a prepared player; I've done all that. Where is the pre-registration link?

    Pre-reg link is here:

    I just want to NPC for this event, how do I do that?
    Visit the pre-reg link above, make an account, sign in, click on the "NPC" toggle button and hit the button. Now you're good to go. Thank you for NPCing!

    In the notes section, please indicate if you want the Food Plan. If yes, please include allergies.

    I don't know what's going on! 2.0? Playtest? What?
    If you do not know what is happening, Alliance is playtesting our latest rendition of the 2.0 ruleset. That means that the current version (1.3) will be going away soon and we have a comprehensive set of new rules that need to be put through their paces in a weekend-long environment.

    Where are the 2.0 rules? I'd like to read them.
    The latest version of the 2.0 playtest (version 0.11b) can be found here:

    I have read this whole document and I would like some help running through some of this, and I cannot make the in-person 2.0 discussions. Can anyone help?
    Absolutely! Don't fret! We're all new to this ruleset and everyone is going to make mistakes. Please familiarize yourself at least with what your abilities can do and you'll be set. We will have marshals, 2.0 coordinators and ARC officials on the field to help answer questions.

    We also have a very active community on the official forums, Facebook, and the Alliance Oregon Discord. If you are still at a loss, send an email to our New Player Representative Evan Rawson and he'll get you squared away.

    Facebook Page
    Facebook Playtest Builds Discussion:
    New Player Rep:

    Okay, how can I get started?

    The first thing you'll want to do is play around with character builds on the free play version of the new character manager, which is located here:

    Feel free to do anything you want in that free play version of the character generator. When you come to the playtest, you will want to ensure that you have a character with the same build value as the 1.3 database. This is very important. You will not be able to bring in more powerful (or less powerful) characters than you are! This is so that we still get a wide range of levels at the play test, just like we do at a normal event. We will be checking at logistics to make sure everyone is coming in with characters of the correct build level.

    When you have figured out exactly what kind of character you want to play, you can head over to the full version of the CMA (Character Management Application) and plug in the skills you want here:

    When you have plugged in your character in the full-fledged CMA, you will want to pre-register here:

    That "Notes" area is awfully large, what do I need to put in there?

    1) Meal Plan
    · Tell me these things:
    o YES or NO.
    o If Yes, please include food allergies​

    · Your entry will look like this:
    o Meal Plan – YES, I require Gluten-Free food.​

    2) Spell Selection
    · Tell me these things:
    o School of magic (Earth or Celestial)
    o Which circle
    o What spell
    o How many​
    · Your entry will look like this:
    o Earth 1 – Disarm x3, 5 Healing, x3
    o Earth 5 – Spell Shield x6
    o Celestial 9 – Prison x2, Circle of Power x1​

    3) Production you want to spend
    · Tell me these things:
    o What type of crafting are you doing? (Alchemy, Blacksmith, etc.)
    o What level do you possess of that skill? (3, 12, 20, etc.)
    o Do you have a workshop? (Yes or No)
    o What are you making?
    o How many?
    · Your entries will look like this:
    o Blacksmithing – Level 20 – YES – Arrows x200, 40 Suit of Armor x1
    o Alchemy – Level 3 – NO – Intoxicate x2
    o Potions – Level 10 – YES – 20 Cure Wounds x2​

    4) ANY OF THE FREE 500 Production Points you’d like to spend (See * Below for more info!)
    · Tell me these things:
    o What are you making?
    o How many?
    · Your entries will look like this:
    o Scroll – 45 Flame x3
    o Blacksmith – 45 Suit of Armor x1
    o Potion – 40 Cure Wounds x3
    5) Magic Items (See ** Below for more info!)
    · Tell me these things
    o Item Description
    o LCO or Restricted?
    o Rituals
    o Times/day, if necessary​

    · Your entries will look like this
    o Potion Pouch – LCO - Quicken Meditation - 3/day, Counterspell 1/day
    o Shield – Restricted - Stalwart Shield – 2 Charges, Eternal Resolution
    o Long Sword – LCO – Memory Strike 2/day, Poison Cache

    Your final notes section will look similar to this:

    Meal Plan – Yes – No allergies

    Earth 1 – 5 Healing x3
    Earth 2 – Pin x2
    Earth 3 – Bind x1

    Blacksmithing – Level 10 – YES – Arrows x200, Throwing Daggers x2
    Potions – Level 10 – NO – Purify x2

    Long Sword – LCO – Memory Strike x3, Warrior’s Incantation, x1, Merchant Insight


    For this playtest and this playtest only we are allowing everyone 500 production points to spend in anything they need. Potions, armor, mundane weapons, traps, etc; anything that can be produced with production will be allowed to be produced in a large batch for free at this playtest. These items will be on different color paper and will not be allowed to be used after the 2.0 playtest, though you may hold onto them to use after the 2.0 launch.

    This production is supposed to assume the place of the amount of production the average character will have when 2.0 goes live. You will need to pay for the 500 production (1 copper per production point spent)

    1.3 tags may be used, as long as they are items not changed by the 2.0 ruleset. For example, shield tags, weapons tags and armor tags equal to or lower than 40 points. Armor tags higher than 40 points will need to be purchased with the 500 production mentioned above, since they are being introduced with 2.0.

    The playtest packet has a list of items and their production values at the end of the document.

    Any items used up during the 2.0 playtest is still used up as normal and will not be replenished at the end of the event.


    We are doing a 1 to 1 transfer on rituals. If you do not pre-register the magic item with it’s 2.0 rituals, you will not be able to use it! All magic Item updates must be done through pre-registration. If your current rituals does not exist in the 2.0 rules set, the playtest package has suggested rituals to replace with your effects.

    Anything else I should know?

    While we will be playing the next event as a 2.0 playtest, all of the interactions you have with other players and NPCs still count as having happened, just like if they were at a normal event. Don't say something snarky to a Fae during this event that you wouldn't say something snarky to at a normal event. Consequences can and will happen due to things that occur at this event.

    What about dying? Is that going to hold over?

    No. It won't. We don't want to punish someone for trying a character build that they typically wouldn't (or that ends up being very broken), as that is against the spirit of testing. However, we very kindly ask that you shutter that away in the back of your mind and still play your character as you normally would when it comes to death.
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  3. Tantarus

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    Just to be clear we only put the remade versions of magic items, not the current?
  4. Tantarus

    Tantarus Squire

    Also the CMA does not match my card on the DB which is a few weeks behind in terms of blankets. Do we have an eta for the CMA being updated to the DB's (Which hopefully will be updated first to reflect the last few weekends)?
  5. kmgates711

    kmgates711 Newbie

    We know! Chris and I will work on getting it updated before the event. For exact numbers, send me an email at
  6. kmgates711

    kmgates711 Newbie

    Please pre-reg ALL rituals on your magic items so we can count LCOs up. Thank you!
  7. Tantarus

    Tantarus Squire

    I mean do you only want 2.0 rits, or do you want to see the real item and what it is remade into?
  8. kmgates711

    kmgates711 Newbie

    On your pre-reg, please include all the rituals you are bringing into game. If you have rituals that were on the 1.3 system that still work in 2.0, those need to be included, too. I just need to make sure no one is going over 20 rits of LCO.

    I don’t need to know your 1.3 rits that you changed. However, I want you to show me the old tags at game, again, so I can make sure you’re using the same number of rituals. I can’t have anyone brining in 20/d memory strike if they only have a 3 rit magic item. Does that make sense now?
  9. Tantarus

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    Yup, just making sure. Thanks for clarifying.
  10. Shades

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    After logging into the new system, I don't see my character. How do I go about "This means that if you are an existing player, you will need to make sure that you have a character setup in the new online character manager"?
  11. Durnic

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    I do not know if Seattle has uploaded their Access database to the CMA yet. @Alkalin3 might be able to answer.
  12. Kevar

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    David, you sent me the information I need in order to do it. As long as I've got an email, I'll get you synced up. It might take a few days, but it'll happen. You'll get a password-reset prompt.

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