November favorites


Gettysburg Staff
Let us know what really stood out for you this past weekend! If you liked it, we want to hear about it: mods, encounters, and the basic PC-to-PC/PC-to-NPC RP that make the world feel just a little more real. Your positive responses influence how our game evolves just as much as the constructive feedback.

Thank you to our PCs, NPCs, and assorted staff members for your continued support. Without you, there is no us.

What a great year we had in 2013. Thank you for making this happen!!!!


Huuuuuge shoutout to all the NPCs this event! You all went out of your way to ensure we as a group and me personally had a great time. You're all awesome and I really appreciate your dedication and time. You made it a great weekend for me.

1: I have to say the thing I'm gonna rant about forever and ever is definitely gonna be my solo voyage into an unknown plane, followed by an onslaught of battle. I was on the verge of death the entire time, I had to fight elosdi (which thankfully had no paralysis, or it would've been a short trip) and kobolds. Tossing treasure, convincing them to turn on each other, not allowing myself to get cornered, picking them off one by one.... it was a solid, exhausting, terrifying run. Thank you guys so much for devoting FOUR NPCS AND A MARSHALL just for ME. Very special, very fun, and it was amazing. Thank you! The fact that I SOMEHOW survived is a (surprising) cherry on the pie.

2: Amazing RP this weekend for me, all around. OOG was kept to a (reasonable) minimum and the downtime was just about perfect. Special shout-outs to Cole, Scotty, Collin, Chris, Angel, Amanda, Shawn, David and Fred. As always, there was a very high level of quality RP going on, which is something that really keeps me coming back.

3: The mod structure was great for the ent missions. It made sure that everyone got a crack at it, and everyone got to have a slice of the fun.

4: The guild work this weekend was really good and really rewarding. They're starting to feel like real guilds, and I'm glad to see a lot of people getting motivated to do stuff with them. With that Copy Manuscript, we can do some great things. Thanks, Kur and Vox for making that happen, and thanks to Jaden and Saphirea (spelling is all wrong haha) for being really motivated about being active in the guilds.

5: Deadwalk was brutal and led to Tvard feeling the feels. Is it RP if it's with yourself? xD

6: Thanks to all the mistwalkers who came and helped fill out our rosters! It was cool to hang with people other than the standard Barranites.

7: Food committee is amazing. I'm pretty sure at least half of the people that are converted to GB players are thanks to our amazing foods.

Overall, amazing. There was a lot to be thankful for, and I'm really happy with the group of players, NPCs and organizers that we have. I'm bummed the season is over, but I'm gonna keep the RP rolling online and keep excited for next season. See you guys next year!
My mind is overwhelmed, but my body has finally thawed. Just a few things from the Ginger :cold:

1. Walking into Monster Camp, Em looking up at me before saying hello "Frank you are forbidden to be struck by lighting or damage yourself in anyway."
2. Being trusted to be a voice on the field for dead walk.
3."PC" Door open in Monster Camp "PC Rezzes" door closes, we all look at each other "Well, you heard the man."
4. Chulainn should have been there this weekend, but on Sunday when I came out as Lightbringer and just saw Mike's eyes light up, that made my weekend. I will always give up a weekend of PCing if it means I make a player's weekend. That is so much more important to me.

There might be more later, it early and I have not had coffee yet.
See you guys in March.
Fun times this weekend.

I'm so glad it was dark in the Red Ent forest, because Simon trying to offer himself instead of the dryad (sorry dont know your name) that did sacrifice herself brought me to tears... which would have been completely out of character for a red cap... so again I'm glad it was dark in there... and i had a shield to hide behind while i wiped my eyes.

"Time for you and your fabulous mustache to wake up" on sunday morning.

Spider huddle!

Me as an Elosti getting flustered at an approaching PC and shouting "poison shield" then throwing my packet... as soon as it left my hand, i was thinking "wait what did i just say?" it stopped the PC in their tracks too while they thought about it. "ok, thats blown" we both agreed. Later i thought, "i must be the nicest Elosti trying to give someone poison shield instead of paralyzing them to infect them."

It was great meeting new people and seeing some people I've met before. I look forward to visiting again when I get back from Afghanistan next summer.
I can't feel feelings. Or my shoulder. Is it the cold? Is it the combat?

No, it's the sheer amount of awesome packed into this event.

- Reeve voting. Overwhelming majority. Made me all warm and fuzzy inside.
- So many travellers to my new home. Faces both old and new.
- "If one of your new brood takes over, name him Bupkis."
- Seeing Jinxy again. Ugh. :p
- Making sure information got disseminated. Talking to everyone I could. Making new Dark Elven friends too!
- Wanting everyone to view the beauty of my home city. Honey, we're having company.
- Deadwalk Saturday and seeing Lord Alexander with his backpack. Had I not just used all of my disarms on his shield, that was next. Also, sassing him.
- Speaking of sassing, some of the select quotes I was yelling at nightmares.
- Blowing a couple of my own incants. When Fighter Mode: Activate, I derp on all incants.
- Bunny hop style, strong style.
- Pocket assassin FTW!
- Having a full Flaming Balls Squad for once.
- Deathblossom with a Nightmare Slayer! PH3AR ME!

Can't wait for next season! Thank you all: staff, food, npcs, pcs, everyone :)


I had an AMAZING time this weekend as did Noelle(Violet).

The action kept going for me up to the very last battle. I had a fun time playing with PCs and NPCs and every event reminds me that the game we play is as fun as it is because of the people we play alongside are fully into giving it there all.

Best rezz of my LARP experience happened this past weekend. The NPCs made sure that I was entertained during my count and warm no less. Spider cuddle pile for the win. Whats even better is my team is walking away from me just having sacrificed myself and all they were all playing up the sad card and then from over the lake is the sound of my laughter. The NPCs def. made it an enjoyable time as I waited to go to the circle.

I loved the second night of Dead Walk. The fear, the running, the needing to hide. I've not been that scared since playing X-Roads. A good dose of fear is what this game needs every now and again.

My team. I'm happy to be a Ball and we certainly rocked it this weekend. In game, out of game, post game we had a blast and we're looking forward to gathering up for our next event.
sorry for the delay my brain escaped for a bit.


-Playing a new character that i haven't played before!
-Being a Caster!
-The amazing role play with Frisco all weekend. Dude you made me feel like such an important researcher.
- Getting into the Sage's and Celestial guild the tests were awesome I loved it.
-Seeing Perry play Auen( spelling) and actually casting and fight!
- The reaction of the HQ players when Angel and I actually initiated conversations.
- Duffy's game of charades as to why we wouldn't talk to us at first!
- Saturday night around the fire with everyone and being so tired that Shaun and I had a giggle fit back and forth.
- First forest mod! Speed caster like a glass tank then the role playing of having a migraine because it was the first time in 200 years the book worm casted aggressively.

Im sure there are more but thats what I can gather up for now! Honestly out of the whole season this has to be my all time favorite just for the fact that I was having so much fun!

See everyone next year! Have a fun and safe off season!

Lanna Rose

Public Relations Committee
I had alot of fun this weekend. Thank you NPCs for the amazing energy you all put out there.

Playing a Barran PC with Christopher. I really enjoyed it.

Coming into game and abstaining from the vote, because we didn't know anyone there.

Seeing the different reactions from everyone. Barran PCs were cool with us, But HQ PCs were not sure how to react to us.

Duffy's miming. we were so confused for a few minutes.

All the awesome RP for the guilds and just in general. Dave, Frisco, Mike, and everyone else made this character so much fun to play.

I love AGB! I can't wait to play Sapharia more!


It was a good weekend, my first in Gettysburg and only my second ever Pcing.

Thank you NPCs for the energy you put into everything.

I had a lot of fun helping to run the tavern all weekend.

Actually learning about and joining some guilds.

Hiding in the middle of everyone for the Friday night dead walk.

And getting all my verbals right, Since I do not use a weapon yet.

That is the short list, the whole weekend was a good time.