November favourite moments (season closer)

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  1. Siren Aspen

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    Please use this thread to post your favourite moments from the November event!
  2. Dia

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    This was a big one! A huge, huge, HUGE thanks to plot for being the kind of team that I could trust to let me self-destruct. It was a really good game, and I got to have some really interesting experiences, and it was because of your willingness to just let me **** up. <3 <3 <3

    *Finally getting my duckling revenge on Echo was amazing! And he paid in full :)
    *Alis's enthusiasm for telling Peat crazy stories about herself
    *Accidentally downing Alis, and then asking Darius to heal her.
    "You know how to do that!"
    "...I forgot."
    Might be the hardest Darius has rolled his eyes at Peat to date.
    *My pineapples. Both of them.
    *Getting to see the Spirit Rose living its best and most authentic life
    *Getting to meet more new friends from the howling woods!
    *Meeting everyone all over again! Second first impressions are a rare gift!
    *The sheer volume of very good questions to which I got to answer "I don't know!" It was a big month for people a) realizing Peat was up to stupid **** and b)not getting any useful answers about it
    *Many thanks to Timothy, Echo, Knox, and Bones for letting Peat cry all over them.
    *Many, many thanks to Belswin for showing his soft side a little bit. Duckling Peat didn't know how special that was, but I do. :)
    *Cloven Eska Fruit.
    *Probably the only time in history that Peat has, or will say "Tell me what to do."
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  3. Traceroo

    Traceroo Scout Denver Staff

    As part of Team Prometheus, I play a bit of a different game from many of you, with its own unique view. Here were my moments of joy:
    • Seeing the names of SO MANY of our most awesome returning NPCs come back together for the Homecoming episode: the Season Closer!
    • One of them creating an impromptu Awesomeness Board for us!
    • Checking out the gorgeous team portraits from the masquerade which Paul Mosher, Sr. so generously provided as his personal gift to the baronial courts
    • Jordan Jennings walking into Monster Camp as a surprise special guest star for the weekend
    • The squealing, exuberant reaction from Sierra Gatrell and Emily Pettingill (who played the sirens in September) when I briefed them about an upcoming NPC role for them in 2018 ;)
    • Gifting Brian Lambert (who plays Bastion Pond) with a set of my ultralite claws to say thank you for his continued hard work and reliability all through this year!
    • Warchester's thoughtful gift of a whole box of these exquisite fancy cream puffs for the Plot Team as a thank you! You guys are lovely!
    • Luca Derrico of the Liche's Horde Trading Company verbally sparring Friday night with Sir Wolsey over the relative strangeness of each of their names
    • "Luca Derrico" and Izzy as "Ferrous" having an allegedly all in-character talk over the peculiar appearance of a certain weapon which was really Izzy and me discussing its legality as Weapon Marshals ;)
    • Owen's adorable roleplay as the wylderkin boy assisting the Liche's Horde Trading Company, and Banks knocking it out of the park with living up to mystic wood elven ideals when he learned that the boy was under a contract of indentured servitude....
    • John Fawkes and Bria Roberts with all their attention to detail and planning in preparation to play the lawyer and notary from Varren, Hargrove, and Whitehart. :) Getting to hear John Siadak's detailed review of that encounter, and his discovery on the identity of their client was so delightful to me!
    • Watching Paul, Sr. and Jordan bring to life more members of the Gnarltusk Clan of ogres, and their interaction with Thousand Bones
    • Hearing Elwin and Gwen grasp the details of the instructions to the Destined, and see them expertly leap into town coordination! Loved seeing Demvarian with his painted tabard later as part of that effort!
    • The gift from Thousand Bones to the Gnarltusk Clan was Achievement Unlocked for me personally as a capstone to this whole story season! The whole team, particularly Vincent and I put a lot of work into making the monsters of the Howling Woods interesting and engaging as characters, as well as combative adversaries. Thousand Bones' reaction to the Gnarltusk was really a signal to us that we've succeeded in making that group full of believeable characters whom PCs can care about. :)
    • Getting to spend some time IG as my PC, Dame Katherine, and visit with friends, including...
    • Taking on a new squire with my teriffic delight in Aikoll!
    • Getting together for Squire School again with SO MANY interested parties! Loved seeing Rory's smiling face there, so eager! Demvarien's introduction to Dame Katherine went so well, and he got compliments to his liege later for good show! Yurg has matured so much along the squire's path! I look forward to making time next year to come teach Squire School more often.
    • Paul, Sr. providing some trays of hot lasagna to NPC Camp for lunch on Saturday afternoon! That was such a nice comfort, so kind of him!
    • Reviewing a picture note from Lagarde, always a treat!
    • Interacting with Knox, Percy, and my favorite hobling hero, THE Baron Darius "Wagerset" as Locket Buttonpusher!
    • The reaction from Warchester when they told Locket that Fynn had resurrected earlier, and Locket said, "That's GREAT! Now you got all your bad luck out of the way for the night! That was really smart of you!"
    • Fynn's experience on Saturday night, and the EPIC roleplay from both Fynn and Paul, Sr.! WOW! Ian and I stood in the corner as white headbanded Marshals, elbowing each other in the ribs, and hugging each other in pure delight over that encounter! That was among the highlights of the whole year for me. Tremendous!
    • Watching Lagarde and Aneira bust out some total professional class A rogue action while attempting to recover Anarchy's spirit bottle!
    • Copper is the Jumpy Stone Champion of New Acarthia!
    • Oh dear, some mishaps along that same adventure....
    • Full court snacky time in the Plot Cabin on Saturday night, including pressing replay on the "YouTube" video of Vincent's account of the Anarchy/Huntsman field battle over and over and over
    • Buddy being so professional, mature, and just a great guy in a convo we had OOG after game. :)
    • Welcoming Jim, Bobby, Nissa, and Amanda personally when they stopped by Plot Cabin 5 on Sunday to help us clean up! (I heard there were others earlier, but I don't know who.) THANK YOU!!
    2017 was such a great season for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed its closer. Thank you to every one of your for creativity, roleplay, friendly and welcoming spirit. I'm so lucky to be part of this gaming community, and I'm grateful to all of you for how you help shape it!

    Love & Kisses,
    Trace Moriarty
    Team Prometheus
    2017 Acarthia Plot
    and Safety Marshal
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  4. Leora Wambach

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    It was a pretty chill event for me, but I did have a few good ones.

    *Peat in Duckling mode was so awesome. Alis so often feels like she has no idea where she stands with Peat but really likes her. Being able to channel her protective side into something good for a change was really neat.
    *The inner emotions going through Alis' brain and the quiet moment she fucking snapped somewhere on Friday evening.
    *Playing "uncomfortably honest Alis" for the rest of the game, subsequently pissing other characters off left and right with brutal truths (if you are a player of any of those characters, please know I bear you NO OOC ill-will. I promise. <3 )
    *Along those lines, FINALLY getting to tell Vanyal to his face how dumb Alara's choice at Big West was. Lol. Oops?
    *Finally making a strange, reluctant connection with a previously hated person.
    *Mevanwy's enthusiasm for Alis' year-ago idea that finally gets to come to fruition, and the other enthusiastic people that came after. Go team! <3
    *My IBGA response (I know, it's not technically part of game, but considering how much time Alis has spent feeling useless and directionless, it's lovely to have things to do! Thank you, Trace!)
    *Quiet RP with Gwen which almost always involved baked goods of some variety. I love how quickly those characters connected.
    *SINGING WITH CALIDAN!! (I meant to put this, and forgot). Jeff and I wrote the lyrics at Paxton's request; he said it was what he wanted for his birthday. Huge thanks, also, to Dev for playing for us. :)
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  5. p.richard

    p.richard Artisan

    Wow. So...

    1) Introducing a couple members of the Bleeding Eye to the setting. Watching them thrive and having them interact with everyone. Super fun. I feel like a Father watching his kids all grown up.
    2) Feeding the cabin 4 peeps! It was nice to hear so many "Mmmms" and "yums!" and it just made me happy knowing people were fed. If you find that you are lacking food or if you are bunked up with the Bleeding Eye, shoot us some donations, and we will make sure you don't starve. Just let us know any food allergies before hand!
    3) The many conversations with Alis and her "Eff you, world!" comments she made. Makes me wonder if Bones' positive mentality will rub off on her? most likely not.
    4) The interactions with the Gnarltusk. They are great! I would love to see other tribes and clans from the Howling Woods!
    5) The conversations with Dargok the Unkillable. Again.. super fun stuff coming from the Howling Woods! I can't wait to dig right into that plot line!
    6) I don't know what was going on with Peat, but it made Bones realize a valuable lesson... I can't wait to share it with everyone in March! lol
    7) The wave battles. Jeez... it has been a while since I have been so frustrated with lack of results. And to take a death on top of that? Whew... makes me want to get into better shape and learn some new out of game moves to be better at kicking some NPC butt!
    8) I will say this once again, I love how much of a family this game seems to be. Everyone, from the NPCs to the PCs to the Plot team, you all really know how to make a person feel welcomed. I am looking forward to being a permanent PC here in Denver!
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  6. Lenyria

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    I had a wonderful event!

    - Mevanwy, after a year of observing, finally being more vocal about the things she see's not working. I loved every conversation I had with someone regarding the Healer's Guild, lack of information-sharing in New Acarthia, and ways to improve. It was a really fun way to show her frustration and desire to make things a little more practical.
    - Arguing with Misty over the rules regarding not teaching Earth Magic to non-healers-guild-members.
    - "Do you want necromancers? Because this is how you get necromancers!" (heh. I liked saying that)
    - Duckling Peat. Mevanwy hadn't met her much even beside that, so she didn't understand anything was strange? And stranger things have happened in New Acarthia than someone simply losing her memory. So it was fun to see Mevanwy caught unawares. Note: It's really hard to see oddities with Peat as Amber the PC.... and not be able to speak up about them because Mevanwy the Character wouldn't have known those nuances lol.
    - Conversations with Baron Darius and Guildmistress Aneira about the Healer's Guild. I wasn't expecting things to go in that direction, and it's left me very excited for the next New Acarthian game. I want to see where this goes! I haven't been this excited for a PC's future before. So yay. <3
    - When Baron Darius suggested Mevanwy come visit Rivervale so they can talk, and Mevanwy goes "Yes, I would like to do that. However I'll need to visit my father first." .... The continual inside joke of Mac playing both Mevanwy's Dad AND Baron Darius continues! ;)
    - Working with Alis on fun future plans.
    - Attending the Loremaster's guild meeting. And a conversation that went a bit like this:
    Mevanwy: "I have not used blood magic since coming to New Acarthia."
    Baron Darius: "Well yes, because your rites haven't worked h---"
    Mevanwy: "The facts are that we have not used blood magic."
    Baron Darius: "Well.... yes..."
    Person sitting next to Baron Darius: "But don't those work now?" (I forgot who, but I thiiiink it was Brooke?)
    Baron Darius: -elbows her- "Shh! Don't bring that up!"
    - The talk, during the Loremaster's Guild meeting about how New Acarthian's have a penchance for licking Dragons. And Mevanwy going "You do WHAT now?"
    - CAN I JUST SAY THAT A CLOVEN ORANGE MAKES A GREAT MAGIC ITEM?! lol. I swear, it was the most amazing thing to have our group be given a gift from the farmer we helped... and to find out it's a cloven orange. What's best is it's flaw. It's a 1/day life item for a year, and it has one flaw. It can only be cast by the same person once EVER. Meaning you have to pass it to others, like a cloven orange! It was such a delight!
    - Mevanwy testing out the cloven orange and getting kisses from Gillian. <3 And Nyt's face. xD
    - That NPC (I think his name is Taylor?) who was entirely sick of my wonderful aim with my arrows, and how many times I dropped him during our Goblin Mod. ;) He kept going "I'll get you" .... and yet somehow he never did. ;)
    - The Gnarltusk clan. I like them. I feel like, had they kept pressing, they might've convinced Mevanwy (on a purely educational premise, in her mind) to try the axe-throwing competition that seemed so important to them. She had fun with that lot.
    - I liked the idea of the "Destined", and allowing for newer players to have an opportunity to have a particular purpose. That was cool. Even though I felt odd that Mevanwy even was considered "destined".
    - The teamwork that Mevanwy and Aikoll showed while battling at the Bone Totems for the "Destined" battle. Also, that I was able to trade with the Bleeding Eye Orcs to give them Earth Blade and to give me Vorpal Arrows. Hitting for 13 Earth against undead was FUN!
    - That Stealth mod to get Anarchy's Spirit Bottle. Mevanwy didn't expect to be going on that one, and it was really cool. I loved the set-up for it, the energy of it, the feeling of time running out, and that BLASTED PUZZLE, lol. It was really well done. Thanks NPCs and Plot <3 (I believe this was a Trace and Ian thing?)
    - The dilemma with not being able to solve a puzzle, and running out of time.
    - The confrontation with Anarchy once he finds us in his home, kills two of our own, and forces us to give him his spirit bottle back in order to leave. The complexity of "If we say no, we'll just die here anyways from the mist", mixed with "If we give him the bottle he'll let us cast life on our buddies", mixed with "He says he'll leave if we give it back", etc was fun.
    - Aneira going "I want to throw this spirit bottle, but I don't want to actually hurt the NPCs", and Trace going "Okay, I'll hold the bottle. You throw, and I as the wind will act as your throw and carry it over". It was hilarious, and I don't know why it was so hilarious.
    - I loved seeing so many newer folks. <3 Yay new people!
    - Can I just say that the stars up there were particularly gorgeous this gather?

    Side note: The continuing inside joke that
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  7. BChapin

    BChapin Newbie

    This was different, but fun event overall. I'm sure I'm forgetting all kinds of things in the blur...
    • Aikoll becoming the squire to Dame Katherine
    • Dame Katherine's visit and Squire School - A lot was learned about fellow squires, and made me think about the future more
    • Owen's portrayal of the young indentured wylderkyn was wonderful. At one point he was staring out the window at Anarchy's undead and growling at them as they pressed against the window, only to step back as I stepped up behind him. He seemed to puff up and turned, only to jump and run away when he saw I was behind him.
    • Fighting in the snow beside others, rotating in and out against an undead swinging for drain as our armor dropped low. I don't even know who was by my side in the dark, but I'm certain they kept me alive by pressing as I had to pull back.
    • Killing undead with a mouth full of bacon...
    • Losing my shield and being forced to switch weapon styles for the rest of the gather... Maybe not a favorite moment, but definitely flavored the rest of the event!
    • Intoxicated fighting next to Baron Nordheim in the grove... Then a few moments later realizing I needed to somehow keep up with Baron Darius as he sprinted across the battlefield sober. It was also a point I was glad I didn't have my shield with the massively swinging thunderlizards.
    • The scary face floating outside the back door of Cabin 2 at night... and the events following it. Wow.
    • Stern talking to from both Baron Darius and Kharina (Siren) minutes apart about resting and drinking water before I kill myself. Siren continues to impress me with her NPC portrayals!
    • Clearing a field of beetles to clear a hunter's contract with Lagarde, Blue, Aikol, and several others. All of us fought well together.
    • "Everyone take a minute to refit your armor, you know, that Connor hit."... Assisting with a Merchant's Guild task to uncover dwarven crafting secrets and twice catching a bezerk to my own chagrin. The sprint towards the mushroom that caused it each time and a similar third BEFORE he could do it so it was the closest thing hopefully made up for it...
    • Watching the squiring of Demvarian to Baron Morningtide. He'll do well I believe.
    • Dinner was a great time to relax and be surrounded by friends. Locket Buttonpusher's visit and joining us for dinner was hilarious, equaled only by Knox's elemental mentor joining us as well.
    • A rough, rough, rough fight against Anarchy and getting waylayed because I wasn't watching behind us.
    • Teaching the most unusual of students the extreme basics of martial combat...
    And a highlight of the gather for me at least was Connor's first resurrection. Sorry that he refused it from Reisling, but Dame Arikaya was touching, very personal, and more than a bit invigorating as she described Connor's bursting back into life. I could not ask for a better story.
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  8. Blue

    Blue Newbie

    This event was such a roller coaster of emotions!

    • Event kicked off with dying for the first time the event. Between Egil and Lagarde arguing over what happened to land Blue in the circle (and watching OOC and being entirely sure there was going to be a fight) and people running around asking for someone invested in the circle in the middle of two fights, I felt very loved! Sad I couldn't join the roleplay, but absolutely worth watching!
    • Roleplay with Ferraus as he rezzed Blue in the fae realm. Always a highlight to rp with an Izzy character, but the conversation before and after were beautifully done!
    • Explaining to Miguel and Ian what had happened and having them both laugh at the fact that people jumped on the chance to owe all the favors to save Blue from something she asked for. Oops
    • Joining on the Mage's Guild mod and having people teach Blue more letters of the alphabet. Kendrick's reaction was great!
      "Ok, so let's start with the first letter of your name, Blue."
      "I mean, you know Blue isn't my actual name, right?"
      "...wait, what?"
    • Vincent's death elemental. Holy ****, the highlight of my Friday night by far. Looking up to see what looks like the remnants of something that had been taped to the window and then realize it's a person when he sways? Creepy as nothing else.
    • Dying and waiting to dissipate while Lagarde held Blue's body. Should've known it would only be the start of the grief train ride
    • Getting to double hook for the first time and discovering I actually really enjoy NPCing a thunder lizard! Thank you to the NPC tree and lizard team, the rp and joking around before PCs came up had me giggling through my first pop!
    • End of the Vilker village mod where Blue was lifed and healed up just to find out Lagarde had sold himself into slavery to save her. All of my feels, man. Almost committed suicide on the spot but had to run his hat back to town to get help
    • Which didn't happen because immediately she was mist-walked out as soon as she reached safety! Thanks to Ian for recognizing the emotional scene he walked in on, his turning around and saying "All aboard the Grief Train, choo choo!" caused a character break for me haha
    • Kendrick joining the mist walk train from the balcony.
      "Somebody help! Void elementals!"
      "Hey, Kendrick! Mist Walk!"
    • Breaking down on the elemental mark mod and having Egil baron-out correctly, inspired Blue to get her **** together and keep moving forward
    • Finding Lagarde back, safe and sound. Broke character and player a little bit, had no idea how to react so punched him in the face. Romancing correctly, yes?
    • The lecture from hell feat. Elavir. Pretty sure I had chunks taken out of me from those barbs!
    • The void crystal mod. I adore puzzle story mods, this one happened to poke all of my favorite parts!
    • Anarchy fight part uno: gang up on the backpack! And succeed in spades! (Sorry Josh) and making friends with the quickling Zapzap!
    • Anarchy fight part duo: dying with the rest of Bayenna present on the steps on cabin 1. Go down swinging, y'all!
    • Rez 3: Oh dear lord this one hurt. First, rezzing to find her family wasn't there and furious from the fight so start swinging on Puck since he was there. Then sitting outside because she realized that they went to get the bottle, which is where Anarchy went and was convinced they would also rez. And finally, having them come back safe and sound only to realize that she'd been left to die. Lagarde's reaction broke my goddamn heart.
      "I traded your life to save Copper, and I didn't even know."
      Hurt straight in the feels, pretty sure Blue won't recover from that for a loooooong while.
    Aaaand I think that's it, but if I think of any more I'll come back! Thanks for the best season closer I've had the opportunity to attend!
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  9. Mark of Chaos

    Mark of Chaos Newbie

    I'm not sure when I last had a game where I was busy for ALL of Saturday. Great season closer. This one took me on a bit of a ride. Can't wait for Spring! :)

    -Calidan and Alis' singing for Kendrick's party. I was in a side room prepping for other stuff but just sat and listened for a bit.
    -It had been a little while since all (present) Warchester gathered up to just "go adventure." Always a joy to go dungeon delving with mah peeps.
    -Double hooking a couple times. I always intend to NPC more but the FOMO is real, so this gets me to do it a smidge.
    -Death gasses! We've had them chucked at us recently, so it was nice to find a few of our own.
    -Losing my LARP 'D' card with Fynn's first death, and all the emotions that came with it. A touching rez from Jax. The visits from friends, to comfort, cheer up, or even if just to leave a small token, while I was staring blankly at the floor trying to process how I probably just screwed my shot at something I had been working toward for some time.
    -All the people who offered help in some form or another to try and get Fynn's stuff back, some of which were quite unexpected. I was touched.
    -Derek's gnoll strutting around in Fynn's gear. He looked quite pleased with himself and Derek was having a blast.
    -Ember seeing red so bad that she horrendously flubbed her archery calls, words she has yelled literally thousands of times this year, when she exploded upon seeing previously mentioned gnoll.
    -Wolsey going after the gnoll with lawyer skills active. Poor thing never knew what hit him.
    -The visit and optimism from Locket right before...
    -THE PARK! What an experience and way to cap off the season. No spoilers though. You'll have to take a crack at it yourself if you want to know more. Fynn can help you start that journey. :)
    -Sorry Izzy for getting you stuck at the Earth circle waaaay longer than you planned.
    -Fynn's meeting after completing The Park. I still have trouble with the words for it. I had no idea what to expect going in to the meeting and I was completely blown away. Epic. I hadn't even thought of it until someone else mentioned it, but I wish it had been recorded so I could keep it all fresh in my mind for a long time. I'll be geeking out over it all winter.

    Thank you players, NPCs, and plot for a wonderful year.
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  10. PirateFox

    PirateFox Scholar

    As mentioned by Jenny/Blue, absolute roller coaster. Not sure I accomplished anything at all I aimed for, but nearly had a heart attack running myself half to death. Oh, where to start...the beginning...
    • Game on! I'm in game less than 5 minutes before I'm informed Blue's having a chat with death elementals and it's all Egil's fault. Insert moral dilemma of whether to go find them or not. Her showing up in the circle led to an hour+ of me being crappy to people that had no idea what the issue was and working really hard not to eat Egil's face. SorryNotSorry. Definitely set the tone for the event. Selling everything to shield her spirit just kind of fell out of my mouth. Funny, usually Lagarde haggles...
    • Having the long talk with various PCs about how much the elemental thing means to the town and to Blue, followed by having to stand there and let her get murdered. Holding her until she dissipated, then having to camp the circle Let's go with rough. Lagarde emotionally broken. Check. (You want crying foxes? This is how you get crying foxes...or ants.) Thanks to Connor for a good story and handling of the broken foxes.
    • Aikoll's squiring. Congrats birdy buddy!
    • "Hey there, Anarchy!" *wanders by enemy lines without anyone reacting*
    • Mage's guild mod was silly fun for us magic-ignorant folks. Trying to have a rational conversation with a ghost that thinks I'm an idiot only made that better. ^_^ This is how I amuse myself when I can't help.
    • Kendrick: "What do you mean you can't do XYZ? I...actually thought you could do everything, one way or another. I've never been wrong about that before."
    • Thunderlizard hatchlings! From all of us chirping and licking the trees, to the PC reactions to us trying (and failing) to be cute, to the drunken fighting, it was too much fun. And sorry, Sandro, for chirping and then eating you. Hungry baby lizards gotta eat. <3
    • The vilkir village had the strong odds of going south hard. Despite this, it led to my favorite moments of the event, bar none.
      • Mod goes south and people start dying. Kendrick calls the retreat. Knox and Jax head out. I turn to run and see that they have Blue and Fynn. That's one of those "choose your path, because it's going to change a lot of things going forward" moments. Instead of running, opt to negotiate.
      • The look on Blue's face when she realizes I just traded myself and everything I have for her life...heck, the look on Josh's face when I said I was willing to surrender.
      • "Make yourself at home." I don't think Sark expected me to three-count taking off my pants, but that's Lagarde. Been a long time since I broke an NPC that badly. ;)
      • "You will document the town's plan for the bottle! ...wait...oh no...he's a kin. They can't read. /facepalm"
      • "Bind him!" *minion casts Bind on me...then leaves* "Now..." *binding spell ends* "...son of a..."
      • Darius' meltdown when I was super-attentive to his planning and he realized I was a double-agent against my will. <3
      • And, of course, the look on Trace's face when I handed her our "plan" on toilet paper or paper towel or some such, written in crayon, with nonsense pictures. I think the literal translation was: "No anarchy spirit bottle, let's have a party ship because I love Sark and hugs are good, too."
      • Blue absolutely losing her sh*t on Lagarde when he came home.
    • Elavir disappointment speeches never disappoint me. They're incredible and wither nearby plant life.
    • The chaotic night fight against Anarchy. Great fight. Sneaking through the dark, through the lines, right up to Josh and murderhoboing him before anyone knew we weren't undead. Sorry Josh. :D
    • The bottle mod, despite our failings, was a load of fun. Good physical and literal traps/puzzles. Then Anarchy's arrival and the absolute relief of saving Lagarde's adopted son from certain death...
    • ...immediately followed by finding out that Blue died to Anarchy 15mins earlier. Insert complete and total meltdown. Side note: All my makeup tricks do not hold up to tears. May need to adjust my methods.
    • Slop for lunch always sounds like a bad idea...but is amazing in cold weather. Thanks Garion for the slop! Thanks Izzy for the AMAZING food as always!
    • Big generalized kudos to the plot team. Everything I did do ended up being super well done, either on execution or in on-the-fly handling.
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  11. Traceroo

    Traceroo Scout Denver Staff

    "No anarchy spirit bottle, let's have a party ship because I love Sark and hugs are good, too"

    For the record, what I got out of that was, "Anarchy's spirit bottle has left town. But I'm pretending to still be charmed by you, and I'm overdoing I super love you, Sark!" :)

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  12. marceasue

    marceasue Newbie

    Fav moments:

    -Well a very big roller coaster for me.
    -I had fun with jax's shadow creatures and getting people to dance :) Any excuse to dance is a good thing.
    -At the healers guild meeting when they say we need to be up at dawn to check out the cave to see if we can get to anarchy's bottle and then we actually wake up at dawn. Plot loooved us soo much. Yeah us morning people.
    -Getting to do a mod with all of warchester (that was at game) and getting to make a fire for a little cold colblot and then it actually helping us :) Fire wins :)
    -You mean I get to burn something!!! Umm yes I would love to go burn down a forest and wait these guys throw out intoxicates.... Talk about heaven for ember. To bad she got eaten....
    -Then getting to do another mod with Rivervale, yeah :) That was fun and scary, esp since we were double hooking with Scions. Talk about scary fun.
    -And jumping into the Guildmaster meeting because I am bored and talking about my hug a color dragon goal :) Which lead to talking about licking dragons. Yeah fun talk.
    -The whole roller coaster of emotions with fynns death, first being in shock, then just trying to comfort Fynn and then when he goes I start drilling Lumi and on who killed him and starting to form team kill sarc and burn down everything he touches and how we should go right now. Loved everybody trying to be rational with me and trying to explain how that might not be possible right now but yes a good long term goal....
    -Loved seeing how everybody rallied for fynn to help him out before the park. You guys are all amazing.
    -My epic flub... on the knoll who was wearing fynn's stuff. Wow I was soo seeing red..... I never flubbed so bad.
    -Then seeing how Wolsey lawyered his way into keeping me out of trouble and getting fynn's stuff back, sooo great.
    -Looved Locket Buttonpusher, she is just what we needed before Fynn went into the park. I could not belive how she turned Fynn's death into a good thing.
    -I got to get some of my rage out on Anarchy in the field battle, since I could not kill sark, Anarchy is a good logical next target for my arrows :)
    -Loved our little group that tried to get Anarchy's bottle, damn that puzzle. I should have burnt it down. We were sooo clooose..... and of course when we get it Anarchy shows up and kills two of us.....The timing on that could not have been better. There were so many points during that mod, I was like well, I am going to least Dairus will be able to rez all of us quickly...
    -Trace, being the wind to throw the spirit bottle over to Anarchy and Anarchy yelling get that damn archer :p
    -And then finding out the town got rolled!!
    -But finding out Fynn got marked twice, yeah!!!!
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  13. Like Trace, I get a very different perspective of the game as a Senior NPC, but I figure it's time to start throwing in my insight because... well, why not?
    I still can't believe Saturday was only one day - I feel like a week passed in game with everything that happened. Yikes.

    - Friday night Hobgoblin kidnappers. No, you didn't see me. :^)
    - Running table Saturday morning and re-discovering the Giant Tick card. It had to go out!
    - Digging around as a Giant Antlion is fun.
    - Rawr I'm a dinosaur.
    - Hobgoblin mod gone South, and the accompanying rollercoaster, including:
    *Okay, they're not sneaking, but at least these are happening fast.
    *Okay, they're almost done, one more and they'll be---
    *Hey where'd everybody g--- oh...
    *The negotiations with Lagarde with the information I had turning in my favor.
    *Oh right, that's how Binds work.
    *Oh right, that's how pants work.
    *Oh right, that's how Wylderkin work. Bye-bye tension.
    *The slow realization after the fact of the possible ramifications of Fynn's resurrection. You probably could have served dinner with my eyes.

    - Hearing Ember unleash her fury on Derek over dinner, not realizing at first that it was Derek in the first place.
    - Overhearing snippets of Woolsey's various lawyerings on my way passed them. I got giggly.
    - Backpacking Anarchy, dumping all the Chaos into him I could, fighting off the army of rogues at my back and eventually catching the Earth Terminate that meant my demise.
    - The entirety of the Saturday night wave battle. I'm still wrapping my head around it. I think I turned "What just happened?" into a mantra of sorts upon return to NPC Camp.
    - Late night storytime with the plot team. Bouncing all the secondhand excitement off each other was too much to sleep off of!
  14. Loki

    Loki Newbie

    What a long, strange trip it's been! Wonderful year overall. In no particular order, my highlights:

    • Swearing my oath to Dame Katherine and taking the red belt! It's been close to a year-long journey- and it's barely just begun! I look forward to what the future brings and how the character changes
    • Second only to swearing the oath, the wonderful surprise belt! I may or may not have been tearing up behind the beak (really, Connor, thank you)
    • Celebratory hot chocolate!
    • "Don't worry Ember, we'll take him out back and prison him and take the stuff back after he dies!" "LUMI I'M A SQUIRE I DON'T WANNA HEAR THIS!"
    • "Oh you think we are bandits? Okay team, let's be bandits."
    • BANANA
    • The GIANT thunderlizard (Noahsaur!)
    • Squire school! I love the rp, the interactions and the way it makes you think about everything rather than 'this is exactly what it means and what you should do'
    • "I'll hold him and you punch!" with Echo and poor unsuspecting thunder lizards
    • First actual lesson of squiring in "yeah people are still going to upset you"
    • First hard lesson as an official squire with "you can't save everyone
    • The difficult map, even though I had to scramble to pull together a team! I'm sure nothing bad can come of those mushrooms getting out...
    • Yay gloves, one of the best additions to my 'rogue' kit
    • Being a 'bad rogue' for not having said kit on Friday- I'm so bad, I'm a fighter!
    • The 'Destined' fight was awesome! Specifically holding one of the stronger pillars was awesome
    • Friday night cuddle pile!
    • "HOLD STILL TREE" -drunkenly swings and misses- "I SAID HOLD STILL"
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  15. Copper

    Copper Newbie

    Just once, Copper would like to have a gather where he wasn't under extreme threat of dying. Just once. Is that so much to ask? :)
    • Starting Friday evening off with an emotional blast as Copper's adopted mother dies not once, but twice. The first time was for all intents and purposes off screen, but that second time though. Yeesh. That was tough.
    • The mayhem of chasing a Giant Thunderlizard and having it wade into the fray in front of the tavern.
    • Demvarian's rescue of Tavernkeep Khar with Aikoll and everyone else. I got to learn what confine means! Also all the pre-fight banter with the "Definitely not bandits."
    • Getting to "lead" my first mod Saturday morning in the "Newbie" kobold caves! I have no idea if I did well in that position or not, but it was definitely a different point of view on things. Thank you to everyone who came along!
    • Interacting with the Bleeding Eye folks, some of whom came along on the kobold mod. You all have a great dynamic. Hopefully Denver gets to see more of you in the future!
    • Baron Darius, sitting with Baron Egil: "Copper, we're looking for more folks for an adventure. Are you by chance part of Bayenna?" Copper: "Oh, no, I'm just staying with them for now." *Darius glances at Egil* Egil: "Yeah, he's part of Bayenna." Daruis: "Splendid!" [paraphrased]
    • Being entrusted, even temporarily, with Mortalis. That sword was fantastic for so many reasons, but felt so very heavy with responsibility after learning its history. And the fact that the blade is well known outside of Bayenna / Scions added to the lore of the world. I wasn't expecting that.
    • Squire Yurg's slop!
    • Getting to scout with Fletch for the town before the Thunderlizard fight was a cool little moment. Baiting a few of them off the main group with Emaric's sneaky squad was a great bit of fun and cardio too.
    • The field fight with the Destined was a unique mechanic, and Elwin, Aikoll, and Demvarian were great commanders! Also feeling the wind of Anarchy and his train of pursuers go sprinting by was a bewildering moment.
    • Anarchy's Spirit Bottle (1/3) - The setup and mechanics of the mod were really cool! I liked the increasing sense of dread that came with the timed mechanic of the mod.
    • Anarchy's Spirit Bottle (2/3) - Being positive at one point that I had just doomed the entire party to rez. That was a terrible 10 minutes for Copper there.
    • Anaracy's Spirit Bottle (3/3) - The sheer relief of getting out of the "doomed to rez" situation was almost immediately dashed when Anarchy showed up, oh, two feet away from Ishmael and I. The next couple minutes were witnessed OOG as Copper was immediately 2-shot and undead'd, but there was so much awesome RP going on. IG, going immediately from the face of angry Anarchy to reawakening to concerned adopted father was a trip.
    • Returning to town to see all the death and destruction didn't exactly help the mood of that mod. Playing bouncer for Lagarde and Blue (sorry to those I told off!) let me witness some truly heart-wrenching RP.
    • The legend of Baron Egil and the Huntsman did help lighten things somewhat. Hearing that he was given the title of Warchief by the Bleeding Eye clan was a great moment.
    This half-season has been a fantastic experience. Everyone in the community is so welcoming and eager to make sure everyone has a good time, and I can't wait for the new season!
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