November Game Favourite Moments


Oregon Staff
Let's go with those favourite moments of game!

-All the mental shenanigans! Thank you everyone who participated!
-Vena's amazing cart of wares! That was such an amazing thing to see and really brought a new level of awesome to the game.
-I thought all the fights were fantastic
-Nearly TPKing Saturday night. Oh the fun times. Thank you plot and NPCs for putting up with our madness
-Ben and Gavin and their legit thieves. You got us good, mates. Nice job.
-SO MANY THINGS I can never talk about. Oh man, I am so excited for downtimes and next game! :)

Thank you everyone for an amazing game!


Oregon Staff
- I command you to Sleep. *thud* (OOG: "Oh... oh wow. That was stupid. I can't believe I did that.")
- "Really?" "Well, use what you got. Kill the living I guess."
- The honorable town fights. It's a refreshing change to play honorable antagonists. ( Honorable =/= nice :) )
- Speaking of that, hearing how fast the players went for advocating for diplomacy to "Invaders go home."
- Watching NPCs with dedicated townies get involved with/create plot lines.
- Reading the Scroll for Reverse Life Force and seeing that it's Spellcraftable. *insert evil 70's Grinch grin here*
- Group2: "We want what they had!" Group1 "No. No you do not. Seriously, you do not." Group2: "Yes we do!" Me: "Well... okay then!"
- "I know you are following orders. You know I'm following orders. Are we going to fight this honorably or are we going to get ugly?"
- "Option 3, you surrender as a prisoner of war."


Oregon Staff
Okay my turn!
-All the fights! The militia did a fantastic job following the battle strategies and it was so great to see them get in and fight.
- Having some wonderful RP discussions with so many! Off the top of my head: Saoirse, Linn, Mortdecai, Amory, Xjian, Sir Raganzi, Sir El-Ryan, Ashok, etc.
- Getting to fight a pretty intense (albeit short) fight with honor bear :)
-The cart of Merchanting! It really did add to the atmosphere.
-Arm wrestling (always a favorite of mine)
-All the amazing NPC's


Sad I missed the event. I want to hear more stories! Also, I am so happy Honor Bear is still a thing, how did that fight go?


Oregon Staff
"I call forth a Dragon's Breath!" *plop* "Well I call forth...the militia!"
"Ruby's really clever, she'd be a great adventurer!" "She's seven years old!" "A seven year old who successfully stowed away on Ian's ship, that's definite rogue potential" *Dryad glaring intensifies*
Helping Draca(?) train Jocean in polearms. Anything with Draca is gold, really.

The combats were all pretty solid, and fighting honorable jerks (as opposed to the chaotic super-jerks that I've become used to) was a very abrupt and interesting tone shift. It's forced Khyriel to suddenly grapple with the moral/emotional turmoil of fighting and killing a bunch of indoctrinated conscripts, and I'm curious to see how this plays out for him in the next year. Plus the rp that led to with both Ashok and Saoirse was pretty awesome. Delicious, delicious emotional agony. o_O

And all the love to NPCs and new players. :D
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Oregon Staff
Sad I missed the event. I want to hear more stories! Also, I am so happy Honor Bear is still a thing, how did that fight go?
Fight 1: PC just yields
Fight 2: PC just yields
Fight 3: PC gets knocked down.
Fight 4: PC didn't realize he threatened the honor bear. Caster go thud.
Fight 5: PC yields.
Fight 6: Honor Bear yields, leaves loot, limps off the field.


Seattle Staff
Fight 4: PC didn't realize he threatened the honor bear. Caster go thud.
Whoa whoa whoa.

PC totally knew he challenged the Honor Bear, and borrowed Lycose's shield for the fight! And demonstrated how to get through spell guards!

And went thud!


I had a great game:
-The many conversations about Orin's mental health. Highlights include being tag teamed by Aizyk and Ashok, coming to an interesting personal conclusion with Tal-Horrath, and a really wonderful talk with Silverblade Panda.

-All the Dryad lectures, including Orin and Amory lecturing the kids.

-Getting to know Hengin and Bevin better.

-Working together with Amory, Raganzi, and Elryon to get things done.

-Stupid o'clock necro chicken fight

Krystina F

-The waylay heard 'round Sedovia. --- Seriously, I wasn't expecting that to become the massive avalanche of mess that it did. lol.
-Vina's wagon of wares.
-Constantly being abandoned because the people I was with were being rifted out
-Telling Ruby I was the mother of the Nighthunter, and that I was a bad mother.
-Rescuing Durnic
-Watching Durnic hug Tal-Herroth, and then by the end of the game getting pissed at him (yet again) and having Ole identified for Love 9
-warmest cabin on site!
-the shoutiest, and pukiest Biata


Oregon Staff
-Watching Durnic hug Tal-Herroth, and then by the end of the game getting pissed at him (yet again) and having Ole identified for Love 9
That damn kid...


- I finally got to pick a lock! First time ever (but Shatters are cool too, I guess)
- The 2 new Selunari were a joy in all respects, it's a tragedy that they'll be playing in MN from now on
- Casually reminding people that Amory's new honorific is "Lady" Magistrate, much to her exasperation
- Giving the silver blades the strangest spelling of Ian's name I could possibly think of
- Having a number of really solid conversations about the Valenzians and diplomacy and conflicts of morality and allegiance


Seattle Staff
- Casually reminding people that Amory's new honorific is "Lady" Magistrate, much to her exasperation
Lady Reeve Magistrate! Jailer of the Wicked, Punisher of Criminals! Right, @Sita?


Oregon Staff
Lady Reeve Magistrate! Jailer of the Wicked, Punisher of Criminals! Right, @Sita?
I may actually hate both of you right now ~.^

Favorites, I have them!

* Tag-team Dryad lectures. Those poor kids.

* Everything Commander Cluck - If he wasn't so incredibly sketch, he might be able to convince people there's a problem >.> {Also: Gets rifted away "I am so f**ked."

* Amory is Reeve and Magistrate now. So that's a thing.

* Everything around the waylay/assault. Remember kids, always ask your victims permission before bonking them on the head in the dark then feeding them an amnesia ~.^

* Ruby.... I just... yeah. Thank you Amanda and Plot for the opportunity to have that great RP.

* Conversations with Tal-Haroth on laws and various viewpoints. It was great to get to know him better.

* As always, the relationship between Amory and Orin continues to be some of the greatest interactions, even if they are sometimes short and to the point.

* The continual push for diplomacy - even after finding out the Valenzian's are kidnapping children :|

There was a lot of great RP this game. I didn't fully participate in a lot of fights, but even then the RP with the opposing sides was amazing. Thank you to everyone for making this such a great game.


Oh boy, first and foremost, you are all welcome for the RP avalanche that I started, it was a blast and I don't think Lynn has ever been so concerned about possible fallout scenarios than this game.
Getting to be stuck in jail and having to rely on my "friends" to keep things from getting more out of hand and then things just keep escalating was amazing.
I didn't expect to be in character much, if at all on Sunday morning but I was literally there in my cell the whole time and it was a blast lol.
Remember kids, don't get caught, even if you don't have bad intent towards your targets :p Then especially don't have illegal things on you when you essentially turn yourself in!

Getting to find new adventures and let them use a great magic item for them and ending up with a lot of my magic item power no longer with me. (Who needs AAs and PAs anyways?)
Then having them come to return the items while I'm in prison so I have to direct them to my pal on the outside.

Developing Lynn further in that he really starts identifying himself as a Mistwalker and honestly doesn't have allegiance to Sedovia and doesn't want to get too involved in the two nations fighting over land.

"The silverblades are the law" "Well then I guess I consent to a search..."

All of the Saturday morning secret shenanigans that was intense if you know/were a part of them.

Playing an Ice Caste NPC that just kept throwing various evocation spells! NPCing is fun :p

Meeting all the new players! If we didn't spend a lot of time together I'm sorry, I was almost constantly doing something that you might not of wanted to be involved in lol.

Lastly, as a player, I loved this event and the consequences that come with it. Me and my stuff accept physical roleplay; I heard of Durnics search of my things and that sounded awesome. I am in no way, shape, or form disgruntled at anyone as a player, even if my character dislikes you!


- Almost immediately hearing that Raganzi has been rifted out and other adventurers are being taken as well. "Hold onto someone so you aren't taken alone" *Multiple Pony's grab Elryion's butt*

- All the new players in general. I love having knew players to meet and fight along side. It is a great game and we have such a wonderful community.

- On that note. I did get hit a handful of times in the back in some fights by newer adventures who generally reacted with an "I'm sorry. You are just too scary looking!" I love it.. haha

- I spent the majority of my time in the Saturday night fight behind enemy lines (and quite often literally standing in their back line waiting for a good time to strike). I had a blast! Favorite moment was seeing an adventurer being carried off and I took off near full sprint and the NPC still did not hear me coming until he was hit with a spell strike web! The adventurer was saved and the bad guy was disposed of.

- Being caught off guard later on in the evening when I let myself get pulled into a trap (That mask really kills your field of view sometimes! haha). Props to Canada and Luke for pulling that off. Totally made me pause for a second to try and resolve everything before throwing enough at you to make an escape. I was sad to hear that multiple people had apparently ran over in my defense (but I was already gone) and were struck down because of it. So glad I at least circled around and found one of them in the dark!

- All the law breaking situations were interesting to watch, but there was none better than when Sir Raganzi informed Mishan Vaughn (sp?) that he would have to charge him with violating the laws of Sedovia and MV held out his hands for shackles. What do we do? Fine the Fae money which is fairly meaningless to him? Jail that he can rift out of when he feels like it. No clue, but it was hilarious that Norm was like "Oh of course. Feel free."


Hava had a great game.
Finally getting to talk with Orin eased my heart greatly.
Drunic being rescued (as is anything involving Durnic) was deeply emotional for me.
Being part of the Durnic mind check with Aisik (sp) was like sitting at the feet of the master. I learned so much.
I had a blast with our lovely Biata couple. Is there some way we can stop them from moving to Minnesota?
I had a great RP time with Mortkai and our small page (sorry I cannot remember your name).
Vina's Merchant Cart added so much atmosphere. I am looking forward to how it expands.
Loved hanging with Hal Hart the dryad.
As always, NPCs were terrific!
And last, but not least, my emotional RP with Ian about my choice to be dedicated to the Selunari Band of the Fabulous Pants. Hava told Ian things that she has always felt, but never said out loud. Perhaps, she has finally found a home.