November-Season Closer Favorites


Wisconsin Staff
Please post you favorite moments or mods from the event below. It was great seeing all of you! Can't wait for next season!

The food and community were my absolute favorite parts!

The "let's play a game" mod. So fun!

Thank you all for putting up with my madness!
I had a decent event. It was nice to spend time with friends and see new faces.

- The ever impatient cave. Learn some patience. (JK but the "let's play a game" was enjoyable. Quiet a noodle breaker but fun)

-Good morning and oh F***. The early morning wanderings of Riqi, frey and kat that stumbled them into a trio of Rage Beasts. Was such a close call of just enough tactic to avoid death between the three of us.

-the mood switch when Frey and kat went to investing a green light on a farm. The approach of caution and worry that melted into "oh.. oh poor baby" to the hungry little kobold and its little green flamed candle.

-on an OOG level, the shear number of folks who kept checking in with me to make sure i was doing okay. Both durning second logitics and when my head space decide to take a dissociation dump during the auction. It makes me feel a lot safer knowing many hands are looking out for people.

-Kai and the shear number of times i would reset her being enfeebled during the final fight. Kat's switch to shield less support caster makes it easier to find folks to focus on and keep them alive.


Mental adventures with Euthymia, always an adventure.

Stop, nanna time!

"Is remem after this?"
*Shotgun racking noise* "Cowabunga"
This was my first time traveling while being a PC. I had a blast meeting a lot of people I had heard stories about or had worked with nationally! I loved the atmosphere that the world gave. Everything seemed very intertwined, great plot all over.

My favorite moments were either:
  • the very rude cave mod (Love you Carrie!)
  • the very hungry kobold with Kat late at night
  • mostly running out of spells and switching to cookie casting in the town fight.
  • "Excuse me grand lioness!" "Oh I like that" "Here, looks like you'll have fun with this... I protect you with an enhanced blade" "Oh I like you"
It was an amazing weekend, and I am so excited to comeback soon and see you all again. Thank you all for making me feel welcome and giving me such a good experience with traveling!


Wisconsin Staff
  • The realization that I needed to keep coloring books and juiceboxes in the circle when it became an enfeeble babysitting circle.
  • Late night social mod with Jeb and Milo which prompted the quote "What else do you keep under your flower pots?"
  • Seeing so many new faces and seeing those faces light up with happiness during auctions or when they came back from mods and got to tell grand stories of what happened.
  • Dont call me Lord, I work for a living Heartwood was awesome to play with and watching him shock Oliver was great.
  • Oliver is a LORD! (Sorry not sorry!)