Now Open for Trade with Adventurers


*the following flier appears posted outside of the tavern*
Ladies and Gentleadventurers! I am now open to your business!
Thanks to the brave and definitive actions of four of your number, I am now free to travel between Eloria, Nu'Adah, and your little community. Finer-crafted poisons you will not find anywhere in the Mists, and in your line of work I imagine having a store of blade coatings is very useful.

Again because of the adventurers who provided me an escort earlier this month, I've been able to reduce my expenditures and thus lower my costs of production, and I am pleased to pass on these savings to you.

Although I specialise in poisons, I sell ALL standard alchemical creations, so if you are interested in purchasing any of them, please leave your order written here by May 4th when I will pick up all requests. Delivery will be on or around May 11th, payment required at that time.

I am also pursuing the creation of some decidedly non-standard alchemical creations, though they are far from ready. If you are interested in assisting in this alchemical experimentation, please come see me when I come to your encampment for deliveries. Anyone who contributes to my discoveries will be compensated appropriately.
- Master Jorkahaath, Alchemist Extraordinaire​
Master Jorkahaath,
I am in need of a significant number of serious vorpal coated arrows, if you could give me a few quotes I would be ecstatic.

Furthermore, and not that I care, but other people might, do you have the required permits to be selling?

Fair Winds,
Duchess Saro of the Crimson Port
Duchess Saro,
If Master Jorkahaath precoated your arrows the poisons would dry up quickly. You'll have to buy the vorpals separately and apply them as needed, or be prepared to use them in a single market fair.
I'd be happy to teach you how to do this, or do it for you.

Order of the Emerald Flame

I would be extremely remiss and in violatation of too many laws, and more regrettably be unable to trade, if I did not have the proper Writs from Quub'rakaal and Eloria alike. But it's a shrewd and wise businesswoman who makes certain of these things before engaging in a transaction, so my hat is off to you dear Duchess.

In answer to your more important question, I can create a low-quality Vorpal coating for only 3 silver apiece, or a high-quality Vorpal coating for 7 silver apiece. With a higher quantity of purchase at one time I offer an increasing discount on the total. For instance 20 high-quality Vorpal coatings cost 13 gold 8 silver, which is a 2% discount; and 30 of the same cost 20 gold 4 silver, a 3% discount.

As your compatriot Link stated, it would be unwise to have me precoat the weapons, which I could not do in any case as you would need to supply the arrows. Should Link be unavailable, I too can apply the coatings for whatever amount of arrows you think you will need during the upcoming market, or teach you how to do it yourself.

- Master Jorkahaath​
Master Jorkahaath

I am one of the adventures that helped you and would like to thank you for your business. I will buy 10 alchemical lights.

For you and your three companions, I am pleased to gift you with an additional discount until next winter falls. 10 alchemical lights is a simple request and will cost you only 8 silvers. Bring your payment with you on Market Day.
- Master Jorkahaath​
Eragon @Aidon byers -
Sorry to have missed you at this last gathering. However I still have your merchandise, and your bill has been paid by your companion MMMM, so hopefully our paths will cross next Market Day and I can deliver your alchemical lights to you at that time.
- Master Jorkahaath​
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