Now Open: The Rosemont Grove Rustic Rummage!

(you see a quaint poster printed on corn husks hanging on a tavern message board)

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Greetings Adventurers,

Congratulations on your triumph over the forces of Shadow! We are grateful for your intervention on behalf of the People of the Land.

The folk of Rosemont Grove are excited to open our very first shop featuring handcrafted goods from our humble village! Our artisans are very proud of our hard work over the winter, and we hope you will be impressed. We have various wares for you to enjoy- from tea, to clothing pieces, to useful items to help you with your spells and incantations!

Our village representative, Madrina Adlao, will be set up in the Tavern next to Tuli's Treasures at your Winter Feast, and is accepting coin and other currency on our behalf, so be sure to bring your purses to the next Market. Thank you for supporting local businesses and upcoming artisans!

~The Village of Rosemont Grove

(( All pieces are made or sourced by Nay, most of which are made from found or thrifted items! Prices will be tagged or listed, and haggling is welcome! Can’t wait!!))