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Discussion in 'Oregon: Out of Game' started by Durnic, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Durnic

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    It is now official that NPC benefits for a weekend have increased!

    Per Logistics period they are now:
    1. 120 goblin stamps
    2. One XP blanket
    3. One Teacher card
    You will also receive:
    1. One additional National NPC XP blanket.
    That means if you NPC for a typical event you'll net 240 Goblin Stamps, three XP blankets and two teacher cards!

    NPC Guild benefits have also increased to 180 Goblin Stamps, one XP blanket and one Teacher card per Logistics period along with the national NPC XP blanket. NPC Guild also gets other benefits, so be sure to apply if that interests you!

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  2. Polare

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    Technically you get 3 XP blankets if you count the National "bonus blanket for NPCing a weekend" benefit, too :)
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  3. Durnic

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    That is clearly in the post and was before.

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