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    So a new type of blanket has been approved to promote NPCing at chapters. Here is how it works:

    NPC XP: Each Chapter may offer Players who NPC for an entire Event the opportunity to gain an additional Blanket of XP (a "NPC Blanket"). This NPC Blanket is received in addition to any other Blankets from Events, Goblin Stamps, Dragon Stamps, or Alternative XP.

    Players may receive multiple NPC Blankets each month from different events, but may only apply one NPC Blanket to each of their Character each month.

    Players may not bank NPC Blankets for future months, but may retroactively apply NPC Blankets.

    Players may receive NPC Blankets in any Chapter and apply the Blanket to any of their Characters.

    NPC Blankets cannot be purchased through any means, they are only rewards for Players who NPC.

    We encourage NPCs to fill out our Registration form where you can notify us of your selections

    For Arc clarifications check
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