NPC Policy 2020 Season

Samuel Obermayer

HQ Staff
Good evening everyone,
As we are coming into our new season and campaign, we have a new policy to announce. Starting this season we are going to be implementing requisite NPC shifts. Over the course of the last few years, we have had many and major difficulties filling NPC camp to allow us to tell compelling vast immersive stories we would like to. In the past, we have compensated for this by running long and tireless hours on the NPC side of the fence. This is practically unsustainable in the long term. There’s no reason to panic! On the contrary, we have come up with interweaving stories that PCs will be able to work on while on their shift. On top of helping out the staff, you’re directly contributing to your friends having the best possible event. The system itself will be simple- when you arrive on site and go through logistics there will be a NPC sign up sheet with the different shifts. I know that this will be a huge change, but as someone who has played other games with this system, I personally have always enjoyed it and the sense of community that it helps foster by combining NPC camp with the PCs. Please post or reach out with any questions to and

Thank you,
Sam O.