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  1. squeegee

    squeegee Artisan Owner Southern Minnesota Staff

    Where does the time go? Our October 20th event is fast approaching!

    Logistics will open at approximately 6:00 PM on Friday, with Game-On hopefully by 9:30 PM, and Game-Off at approximately noon on Sunday. We always would like to try to get the event started as fast as possible, so try to arrive punctually if you can!

    This event will take place at the following site:

    Camp Stearns
    3303 County Road 44
    South Haven, MN, 55382

    Pre-registering is highly encouraged, for it lets the staff know you're attending and, as such, lets us prepare what we need to do ahead of time. Pre-registering makes everything run smoother, and lets us get our game started all the faster, which is always convenient. It also gets you a discounted fee for the event! The sooner you get your pre-reg in, the more pleased the Logistics folks will be, so get those pre-regs in! Even if you're NPCing, please don't forget to pre-reg. It's important for us to know how many NPCs are coming, etc.

    The cost for this event is $75 for PCing and $25 for NPCing, with a $15 discount for pre-registering (making it $60 to PC or $10 to NPC with an on-time pre-reg). First and second time Alliance players get their game half-off (or free to NPC)!

    For a form for registration, check out Pre-Reg Form and simply fill out the information.Pre-regs should include: Build Expenditures, Goblin Stamp Expenditures, Magic Item info (item number, effects, expiration, etc.), any Production skill use, any Craftsman skills, and anything else you deem appropriate (categories are listed on the online form).

    Players with purple text by their name should send the requested information to logistics prior to the event if at all possible as soon as possible!

    Pre-regs are due by Sunday, October 15th at midnight! You do not get the discount for registering after this point, but it is still highly encouraged by the logistics staff for you to do so!

    Pre-regged PCs

    1.)Patrick L.
    2.)Jacob G.
    3.)Brad K.
    4.)Rob D.
    5.)Dave G.
    6.)Andrew T.
    7.)Sam W.
    8.)Josh C.
    9.)Ryan S.
    10.)Ryan Benike
    11.)Wendell R.
    12.)Matt M.
    13.)Josh B.
    14.)David R.
    15.)Seamus C.
    16.)Emma D.
    17.)Kyle S.
    18.)Jenny S.
    19.)Nicholas S.
    20.)Jessica P.
    21.)Elise D.
    22.)Jordan F.
    23.)Wade H.
    24.)Josh S.
    25.)Andrea R.
    26.)Zach S.

    Non Pre-Regged PCs
    27.)Kathryn L.

    Pre-regged NPCs

    1.) Chris H.
    2.) Crystal K.
    3.)Amy M.
    4.)Jeremy M.
    5.)Ryan B.
    6.)Brytton G.
    7.)Joshua M.
    8.)Dan S.
    9.)Courtney L.
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  2. Dragonblade

    Dragonblade Scholar

    ok i sent in my pre-reg using the old address for the pre-reg form and filled that out hopefully it got through, i do not see any new address for the pre-reg form.

    David Raatz
  3. Lurin

    Lurin Count Chicago Staff

  4. Arbeld

    Arbeld Newbie

    Are the online character listings up-to-date? It doesn't look like I received anything for the Septemeber weekend event.
  5. Lurin

    Lurin Count Chicago Staff

    I don't believe it is, we often have trouble getting that updated, please submit an e-mail to logistics when ever you have a question about your card for the most (for example if a blanket is missing) to get a copy of the most up to date version
  6. Arbeld

    Arbeld Newbie

    Oh, thanks! That's good to know for future reference. Am I going to want to send my request to the new email for logistics?
  7. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Marshal

    yes, all emails should be directed to a single point of contact as SoMNalliance@gmail.com

    Logistics/Feedback/Other all under the new address.
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  8. Dragonblade

    Dragonblade Scholar

    thank you for the info, i did not know about that "pre-reg" button.

    David Raatz
  9. squeegee

    squeegee Artisan Owner Southern Minnesota Staff

    Pre-reg closes tonight get them in folks!
  10. squeegee

    squeegee Artisan Owner Southern Minnesota Staff

    Pre-reg is closed but if you are coming let us know so we can have everything ready for you ahead of time.
  11. Lost_Nation

    Lost_Nation Artisan

    There are an excessive number of "Josh"s pre-reged for this event. Just Sayin'
  12. Lurin

    Lurin Count Chicago Staff

    Nothing wrong with redundancy!
  13. Johanna

    Johanna Newbie

    Now, you know how the Emmas feel;)
  14. KyleSchmelz

    KyleSchmelz Fighter Marshal

    Since this is a new section of Stearns, where should we go once we get through the main gate?
  15. Lurin

    Lurin Count Chicago Staff

    It should be the first Left after you enter the camp, look for the very giant building.
  16. Johanna

    Johanna Newbie

    Is there a specific name to the building?
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  17. Lurin

    Lurin Count Chicago Staff

    Tonkawa Lodge
  18. Bigens73

    Bigens73 Newbie

    So I did not pre reg because I couldn't get sat off from work. What would the process be if i come for the Friday night portion and don't plan on sleeping in camp I would head home late Fri or i guess technically early sat am.
  19. Lurin

    Lurin Count Chicago Staff

    So this is something that comes up from time to time, unfortunately the insurance, site, and head count costs for players are the same regardless of how long PCs can stay, so after looking at it about 6 years ago we determined it is not feasible to offer 'partial' event pricing and cover all our costs, especially considering we'd then be put in a place where staff has to determine what counts as a partial/full event and SoMN Staff don't want to determine if Bob's wedding Qualifies but Frank's Family party does not. (The exception being silver memberships for folks that commonly run into the issue)

    I'm willing to waive the late pre-reg fee given the situation, but you'd need to register through the same process as pre-registration as soon as possible. Other than that the process is the same, on the upside, you at least get the full event experience even if life makes you head out early.
  20. Bigens73

    Bigens73 Newbie

    And what would the cost be if I NPCd. It just dosent seem worth it to pay full price for like at most 6 hours of play time...

    Edit reading its a wonderful thing sorry I didnt try it before I asked this question.

    Is there a need for NPCs fri.. or is that only going to be the banquet?
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