October 2018 - Favorite Moments!


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Hey guys, what an awesome weekend!! Here's a place to post up some of your favorite moments and give shout outs to people that were particularly awesome :D

Don't have time to type out many right now.. But my favorite moment was definitely the Potato Field...
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  • Meirune Merchant House: everything that happened in it was amazing. Getting to have side conversation in comfort, selling various bits, sharing fine food and drink, watching people react to some pieces I found with absolute joy. Everything about this was awesome and I am really looking forward to continuing it, especially with Lily joining in on the fun. :D
  • Difficult conversations with Sandro. Lots of nit picking, and nuance delved into to try to help shape good policies to make the town better.
  • John as the new Celestial guild master!!!!!
  • The merchant plotline was amazing, very well built up and being able to follow through on multiple pieces of it was wonderful!
  • Late night conversations with Araphae about scary stuff.
  • The Saturday late night mod. Plue's NPC was amazing and scary to interact with, but I loved it.
  • Getting to talk with Plue about the Maelstrom, Elisandra will definitely be visiting there at some point.
  • Potato field, for a hot second I thought I was going to die. Bless + Shield is a life saver!
  • Dan and Nicos killed it as the inquisitors. Running the investment was awesome!
  • Getting to meet, know and help Lancin. You are one hell of a good runner, and awesome to have join us at game!

Lia Lonalys

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O geeze where do I even begin.
This Event was FANTASTIC. There was so much story, but very well tied in! All the bits and pieces thrown out through the event culminated in some really epic battles!

Favorite moments?
  • The absolutely glorious atmosphere of the epic saturday night battle. Triforce style puzzle arrangement of knowlege/Rogue based trap maze, Courage in the mirror golem fight, and plain ol fashioned whackemups for the horrible hords of monsters hahah!
  • The glowing effects on the metor golems was a really cool effect at night!! That combined with the glowing crystal shards, and the giant hourglass of doom!!! wonder if we can put glowing sand in it?!?!?
  • House Meirun's Merchant stall!! Holy cow Elisandra went all out! It was so well put together! She had so many things!! And just wow! The atmosphere she alone created was glorious! beyond words of awesome! Well done! Lots of fun! I'll be shopping again hahah!
  • The slow building of doom extending from the discovery of the half-necromantic flowers. Not only did this allow us to involve multiple players with different skill sets to interpret the ongoings, but it made for really cool story and rumormongering!
  • The inquisitors. That was spot-on roleplay, well done guys!! I'm excited to see where you go with this!
  • MOD CARDS!! ALLL THE MOD CARDS!!!! So much adventure to be had!!!!
  • Pretending to be the wind while we waited for a mod to start, and running into Renynn floating about the field screaming how mushrooms were licking his horns.
  • Renynn's epic Roleplay of getting his horn broken in battle... which actually happened.
  • Zakar being zakar, the sneaky devil, running through the epic trapped earth guild and acting as his second eyes. I learned a lot about traps, the stability of the rickety building, and how important it is to know the skill sets of all members of your party.
  • Roving Patrols. I liked watching Madrigal leading the people around and about on their patrols. It was sad we ended up splitting the party, but lets face it, there were too many PC's for some of those mods. I like the fighting groups we are slowly forming.
  • Intense emotional roleplay with Zakar oddly enough. Lia has gone through some scary emotional transformations after witnessing some things at this event. What is it called? The blue screen of character development? who knows.
  • Madrigal's generic roleplay bout becoming an elf, but her eating habits remaining that of a Raven.. pretty friggen adorable to watch her argue about being allowed to monch spiders with people. <3
  • Mia being, well, mia. An adorable shroom headed Dryad.
  • The secret auction. things were learned. so many secrets... and who to trust now?
  • Roaming blight monsters.. hm.. probably not good.
  • a nice hot cup of apple cider and some stories all around.
Becoming Numb.
Coming Undone.
And getting her first taste of malice and betrayal.
Someone took a bite out of the cinnamon roll, .... and it has started to go bad.


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I had a wonderful time! Thank you to everyone being so welcoming both in and out of character. I hope we can play together again soon! A few memorable moments with various characters:
  • Seeing the people Plue met at Voridium again! Lia, Oli, Zakar, Sandro, you're all my favorite. <3
  • Any event where I get to do mental RP is a good one. Thanks for having a broken brain that I could fix, Sandro!
  • Chatting with Elisandra about Maelstrom. "It's not a dead wasteland of a world, but it's home."
  • I loved watching the dynamic between Lia and Renynn. Such an adorable and hilarious relationship. Extra shoutout to Renynn for the horn-breaking RP.
  • Giving command advice to Madrigal. When the hell did Plue become qualified for such a thing?
  • Drunk times with Zakar are always great. Adding Nikos to the mix, even better. Drunken teaching, even best.
  • Sandro giving Plue **** about her courtship. SO RUDE.
The Saturday night battle was awesome. The fighter section was such an interesting challenge, and I really loved the teamwork as we all crawled and rolled around trying to make sure that everybody was OK. And then getting up again when reinforcements came (for the second time, once our stuns had worn off) felt awesome.

Loved the mirror golems as well -- I adore that kind of slightly puzzle style fighting.

I really appreciated how your chapter approaches the level cap situation. I felt like I got some interesting story rather than just a nerf, and ended up being plenty challenged by playing a different role than I often do.

Double hooking was great too. Always fun to play someone awful after being goody-goody Plue for a weekend.

Probably more that I've forgotten. I am tired and sick now, but I had a great event!


OK! here we go!

SANDRO- Keep that book safe now ;)
MADDY- Those looks I kept getting all weekend tore me apart :(
FAE- It's a game now ;)
ELISANDRA- you know what I enjoyed and I hope it continues to benefit us both.
LIA- I hope I can trust you to keep your cool in the future; I'm happy with the showing I saw this weekend. Also, intense RP with emotions and stuffs! Also, TRAPS!
MIA- You're so gullible! I love it!
SKYLAR- TRAPS! blow me up, damn it!!! :D
GABBIE- thank you for the heater.
LANCIN- I'm gonna figure you out.
LUCIEN- youre an idiot, but thats ok. and youre a grand old time to interact with
VAL- I'm surprised you didnt cut my head off
JOHN- Beautiful. and the cane was nice, too.
LILY and ILISE- When's it happening and where are you getting your wine? ;)
PLUE- AHHHHH! I'm glad *someone* appreciates my drinks!
RENNYN- "Alright, do you mind giving your betrothed all of your coin, then?" also, yes, I was waiting for you to stab it in the back. its undead. honor doesnt count.
also, did I mention TRAPS!!!???

P.S. "I CALL FORTH A DRAGON'S BREATH!" "REFLECT" "REFLECT" *starts running for my life*
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