october 28 2017

come have some indoor fun at our indoor site for this ct event

its the 3rd of the three tower events.
No worries if you didnt go to the other two, you can still understand the plot of the day.
Or you can come npc.
IF you are coming to npc, please let me know, i might have some special instructions for you.
if you are coming, i am in need of a step ladder.

the address is 30 Ormond St, Milford, CT 06461
and i would like to start by 10-11 am. also for this event, going to be doing something a little different. If you arrive at game after the main doors are closed, im thinking 9am or 9:30, please use the other entrance to the right. (i will post a sign) Also, if you could stay on the stage and not go into the main room of the event space (unless you are an npc) use the downstairs bathrooms for changing, and ect. thanks. i have something special in mind and like to keep it a secret till game starts.

ig: An important ally is still missing something of value and his patience is running thin. It is up to the adventures to locate and return. A strange tower has appeared on the edge of the absence. With the full moon rising this night, an old foe has another opportunity for success.